Hifiman HE6se $700 at adorama

Use the link to get the price. I am wearing a pair right now and they are wonderful, as is, out of my
Singxer SDA 2 c, no mods. I have an ADCOM GFA535 waiting in the wings.


@kerplunk Have you ever been able to compare the HE6se to the original HE6? It’s been several years since I last listened to the HE6 and wonder how similar they are.

For those that aren’t aware, this is a grey market deal from Adorama. I believe they do offer warranty themselves but if you look for any official support from Hifiman you will be SOL.


I have never heard the original. There is a vendor who has and has done mods on the original to improve it. He now has the he6se and will be evaluating and testing mods. It sounds terrific to me . I dusted off an Adcom GFA 535 and am driving it thru the speaker outputs. It compares favorably with my the ZMF Verite. Not sure I have a favorite

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Thanks for the reply.

This gets me kind of curious. I’m wondering if you can hear the difference in amplifiers using headphones? Not made for headphone amplifiers but speaker amplifiers. I have Acoustat TNT 200 amplifiers that are FET amplifiers. I also have amps that are normal transistor amplifiers. The FET amplifiers like the Electrostats a lot. I wonder if they would like electrostatic headphones as well or as you’re discovering with the Adcom amp there may be a synergy for a particular kind of speaker amplifier for a particular kind of headphone. :thinking:

I have only used the one amplifier. It is a quiet powerful amplifier which still has the magic dust inside. Components are in good shape.You’ll just have to give it a try to find out. In my readings for this headphone, sufficient power should do it, the 50 ohms impedance should allow for a hiss free experience.

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