HiFiMan HE6SE V2- $649 at Adorama

Use the link to get the price. I am wearing a pair right now and they are wonderful, as is, out of my
Singxer SDA 2 c, no mods. I have an ADCOM GFA535 waiting in the wings.


@kerplunk Have you ever been able to compare the HE6se to the original HE6? It’s been several years since I last listened to the HE6 and wonder how similar they are.

For those that aren’t aware, this is a grey market deal from Adorama. I believe they do offer warranty themselves but if you look for any official support from Hifiman you will be SOL.


I have never heard the original. There is a vendor who has and has done mods on the original to improve it. He now has the he6se and will be evaluating and testing mods. It sounds terrific to me . I dusted off an Adcom GFA 535 and am driving it thru the speaker outputs. It compares favorably with my the ZMF Verite. Not sure I have a favorite


Thanks for the reply.

This gets me kind of curious. I’m wondering if you can hear the difference in amplifiers using headphones? Not made for headphone amplifiers but speaker amplifiers. I have Acoustat TNT 200 amplifiers that are FET amplifiers. I also have amps that are normal transistor amplifiers. The FET amplifiers like the Electrostats a lot. I wonder if they would like electrostatic headphones as well or as you’re discovering with the Adcom amp there may be a synergy for a particular kind of speaker amplifier for a particular kind of headphone. :thinking:

I have only used the one amplifier. It is a quiet powerful amplifier which still has the magic dust inside. Components are in good shape.You’ll just have to give it a try to find out. In my readings for this headphone, sufficient power should do it, the 50 ohms impedance should allow for a hiss free experience.

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Since the original HE6SE isn’t available from Adorama anymore, and the HE6SE V2 has replaced it, I’ve hi-jacked and renamed this thread to point out that the HE6SE V2 is currently $649 at Adorama.

That’s another $50 off the lowest price it had previously been listed at.


Anyone in this community able to send me a pair? They don’t ship to Australia.

They are $2300 here…

Edit: Seriously. Keen to try at that price.

Also. What’s the deal on the headband?


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What do you mean by that?

These headphones are hungry. I bought mine during cyber Monday and prior to purchasing I did my research with the limited amount of reviews that are available. The sensitivity is actually 77dB after testing, not sure how that worked out. Just what I heard or read.

So they are more power hungry than HiFiman has spec’d. Second, can’t recall if that’s for the original HE6 or the SE or if there’s any difference driver wise.

I’ve seen people recommend 7-10 watts pc to have these headphones running properly. I run mine on an FluxLabs FA-10 which is 10.5 wpc @ 50. The only other situation which some reviewers mentioned and others didn’t and seen on purchase reviews is that you want high gain amps with large dB jump and a dac which has high gain setting too if possible. What I read is 30db gain is probably the sweet spot. No clue why

I’m far from being an expert. But they do mention the reasoning behind it and find it necessary. If my dac and amp are on low gain it’s basically dead. The amp is 25.5 dB and I believe my dac is 13dBu gain on high and sounds pretty grand.

Doesn’t take much to impress me, these are my second pair of headphones. But the LCD-2 got me into quality headphones and in my opinion these sound better than the LCD-2 via placebo or memory loss. But the main reason why I liked the LCD-2 was cause they were crystal clear, you may by experience feel like a lot of headphones have that character, but I’m coming from Bluetooth headphones that were pure crap and that’s what got my attention on the LCD-2

Didn’t even know what a dac was or dsp.

I would really love to grab a pair of these. Really sad i missed out on the sale. Due to my experience with the 560 V4, which sound fantastic! I would really love to have these. Anyone selling? would like to pay 550$ for used version

Is their any difference between the regular and SE version of these headphones?

I can’t say as I don’t have access to the regular non-SE version but @Resolve says there is in the HE6 thread:

Also here, although it doesn’t compare between regular non-SE and SE, it does compare between the different variants of regular non-SE:

Amirm over at ASR also had a chance to review and compare the two: