Hifiman HE6Se V2

The question I’m currently asking myself is, “now that I have the HE6se v2, do I still need my Arya and/or LCD-X?”

For LCD-X, the question I ask myself is can my neck handle 612g+? Do I need a neck workout? Answer is always no for me

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Need? No, absolutely not. Want, for a less expensive pair that I could use as a transportable travel pair? Somewhat, yes.

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Though it is heavier, I think the LCD-X is actually more comfortable for longer sessions than the 6se v2. The headband on the Hifiman is really pretty uncomfortable after about an hour, and the LCD-X’s weight is much better distributed


lol I totally misunderstood you, I just realized you own the Arya and LCD-X. So how do they compare to the he6se v2 now that you had it for a while?

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Has anyone here tried them with an iFi Pro iCAN? I am going to read the whole thread, but came across your post on the way. :grin:

I wonder about your comment regarding volume. I never listen above 75Db’s. Using a decible meter I aim for under 70Db’s, which gives you some peaks in the low 70’s for a second or two.

I know that with my Drop Edition XX’s, they sound their best at higher volumes. I will listen loud for a few songs and then chicken out. I wondered if these might be the same.

Hey! I really want to answer this question fully and thoughtfully, but at the moment I’m a little light on free time. Also, since I’m still very much in the honeymoon phase with the 6se I haven’t spent more than a few minutes here and there listening to either the Arya or the LCD-X recently. I’ll circle back soon with more details. I will say though, that the 6se is my favorite of the 3, and I’m not sure if I really need the other 2 anymore. But, as I said already, “honeymoon phase” is in full effect right now. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

Lol the he6se v2 is now on sale for…$599 if it wasn’t already a good price



Wow! how low will they go?? I’m tempted to buy a second one at that price just to have a backup

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Here is another impression.
Compared with jlh1969(aliexpress) 2018version, holo azure, emotiva a-150.
Two speaker amps are matching through azure as preamp and use HE adapter.

  • Authority and macro-dynamics: jlh1969 > a-150 > azure
  • Micro-dynamics: jlh1969 ≥ azure > a-150
  • Tonality: a-150 > azure = jlh1969

I was considering getting parasound 2125v2(class-ab) or audio-gd precision 3.
But now waiting for zampotech’s jlh1969 after seeing sbaf’s post that he build something good which is high quality version to aliexpress one…

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Hello guys, I recently ordered the SE V2 from Adorama. I’m planning on using a PA amp that I have lying around with it. Behringer model NU1000DSP. I understand the sound may not be optimal, but I’m trying to experiment with it in terms of power. Is there a hard limit on how high the HE6SE can go? Recent measurements suggest that the sensitivity in these models has been lowered and impedance raised to 64 ohms. I’m estimating 125 dB peak transients will need about 16W of output which this amp may be able to provide on a good day. I can’t find any hard and fast numbers from Hifiman about where these things will burn out, however. Bad idea?

Edit: I am also looking at a Crown DC300. I would have to build my own adapter box for it to be safe. What do you all think? I only saw a person use a D75A with the HE6SE. I primarily want to experiment with how far the low end can go.

My chain:
PC > Monolith USB-B > Bifrost 2 > World’s Best Cables XLR > Jotunheim 2 > Hart Audio balanced
I’m looking to add some higher-end planars to my collection… and may be selling hps I don’t listen to as much anymore. I also use equalizer apo w/peace, mainly bouncing between eq from oratory and crinacle, along with any others I find online. Current collection:
HD58x, K7XX, Sundara, Nighthawk, iBasso SR2, OG Clear Pro

At their current $600 price on Adorama, would the HE6SE v2 be that planar to add or would I be better off going with Ananda or Arya? I don’t have a particular sound I’m drawn towards, my mood tends to determine which headphones I put on and whether I eq or not… along with which eq I use. Though lately I’ve been bouncing between the Nighthawk and Clears.



I’ve been in a modding mood lately and I think I struck gold… or at least I’m happy with my He6v2 now. $5 bucks or less it has improved timbre, macro dynamics and bass punch. Kinda reminds me of an HD600 in tonality. Here are some pics of my science project.

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Looks like seller updated link and also dropped the price, probably cause there’s another competitor now, yay for competition:

The other selling being: