HiFiMan Sundara Closed Back

Yo @Resolve

Thanks for measuring Sundara on 5128 and sharing EQ to DF target

Here for anyone that missed it: B&K 5128 Target - Community Input Thread

I feel like the EQ is a bit too ‘specific’ for > 3kHz and all happening within a small space

A separate pair of headphones maybe won’t have those peaks and dips at those same frequencies as your measured cans.

There’s a lot of EQ happening within a space space. See below pics

Having said that I created 2 EQ’s, one as per yours and other just doing the < 3kHz EQ.

The latter is more detailed - obviously a tad brighter . But I have no idea the effect your EQ would have on my cans, without measuring on a 5128

Not a complaint obviously - I’m so happy you shared 5128 EQ. I can now tweak EQ till i pass out :smile:

Even just EQ’ing under 3kHz makes a huge improvement to the biggest ‘issues’ of Sundara.

The community thanks you majorly.

Resolve EQ:

Only fixing < 3kHz: