Hifiman Sundara For Sale **** Sold ****

Price: $230
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Bought the Sundara in December 2020. Only used during teams meeting.

I’m selling to make room for my new ZMF VO… unfortunately these have to go.


23 dollars? I’ll take them!

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I’ll offer $24 or even $25!

haha. I am sure he meant $230…

That’s 10X higher…

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Oh man… sorry everyone. I meant $230.

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I pinged you with a couple questions :smiley:

If you include a high quality balanced 4.4mm cable, I pay for $230.

Sorry, I just now responded. Direct

Hi Bob,

Sorry, I just got into the nice headphone hobby… so I don’t know what the difference is between high and low quality cable.

I guess Bob wants you to buy something for him.


Lol …I’d like one as well. XLR please. I really like blue. Thanks in advance :grin:


Could you come over and wash my car? Then I’ll buy it

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Just got my son the Sundara for Xmas…That’s a good price . GLWS

I know… I think it’s a fair price already. I guess some people just want more for less.

Thanks for link! I will buy a nice cable for my new ZMFs.


Sundara’s received in excellent condition. Thanks so much @daphantom99 ! Great communication and fast shipping!

@QuasiSpecies you’re welcome. Hope you enjoy the Sundara.

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