iFi Nano iDSD Black Label/ Sennheiser HD58x

Price: 280
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

They are in “like new” condition and I’m the original owner. The iFi dac/amp don’t have more than 20 hours of use and the HD58x not even 3 hours of use.
Two days after I bought the headphones new from Drop had the opportunity to buy and used, but excellent condition HD6xx and they arrived at the same time and for me HD6xx was a winner. HD58x is not even burn in.
iFi hasn’t been used since the big brother Micro is around.
All original accessories and packaging are included and in perfect condition as well.
Smoke free house, I do have kids and a dog, but they don’t go into my studio room…kids sometimes do, but don’t touch my stuff.
Paypal fees and shipping are included with the price.
Verified Paypal address only and I would send it with signature confirmation.
Buyer must be an active member of this forum or have some trade feedback .
Feel free to ask any questions.


Great combo, and entry into audiophile kit! Great price for the two as well! GLWS!


I know!! For some one with self control this combo could be “the combo” for years
:thinking:… self control…?? What’s that!!!