In Ear Headphone Purchase Advice

I am looking for some purchase advice on a set of in ear phones that meet the following criteria:

Budget: < $500
cable Microphonics: very quite (am willing to purchase this seperately)
iPhone: full set of controls
Clear midrange
Clean but but not overly bright highs
Rich bass

The Campfire Audio Orion matches your requirement.

Very good cable.
You are correct, the iPhone does have a full suite of controls on screen, as well as physical volume buttons.
Very balanced and great sounding iem.


I am well overdue for my Campfire Orion review (it’s coming soon!) but I really do like it for a great mid-range and clear clean sound. It has good quality bass, just not emphasized (i.e. bassy).

I also wrote my top list of IEMs this year: Favorite Gear Purchase of 2018

As a Washington Husky alum though, I will recommend you something very awfully bad like a set of airplane giveaway ear buds. :slight_smile:


You might like to investigate the MEE Audio Pinnacle P1
Their ONLY downside is they miss some of the lowest sub rumble low end but…
Exceptional 3d stage. In not 100% about the iPhone cable but they are a very reasonable price for what they deliver - There are a lot of reviews out there
Worth a look. Good hunting. Hope you find what you are looking for

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FLC 8S…they have adjustable sound via various filters you can swap around.
great bang for buck, many commendable reviews.

however can’t adjust by any ios app, sorry

the owner, creator, Forrest Wei has a good back ground in audio.

‘‘FLC Technologies was started by Forrest Wei not too long ago (in 2011), he has many years of experience working for Ultimate Ears, Jabra, MWM Acoustics, and Harman.With all this experience under his belt and fueled by a passion for design and innovation, Forrest made a serious attempt to reinvent the wheel of IEM sound tuning by using multiple filters in his debut release of 3-way hybrid FLC8, later replaced by FLC8S with improved build quality and updated cable. Now, with a support of Teo and his Lend Me UR Ears, they are taking it to yet another level with soon to be available Custom model which I had a chance to test and would like to share with you about.’’

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I have always wanted to try a pair of these iem’s. In fact I have nearly ordered some on a few occasions. Though lack of stock on Amazon has scuppered my plans a couple of times. I may pick some up at some point in the future.

many comparisons with these vs shure 846.
or at least one of the best values sub us$500 (the swappable filters
are really great to get the sound sig you most prefer)
i only use them when outside the home for easy form factor/portability
…i prefer cans for a better overall sense of ‘oomph’ esp with bass etc.

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I like iem’s very much and have and continue to love my Shure se846’s. Though they do have to take second place behind my Andromeda’s. But they are totally different iem’s after all.

I do like to use filters on iem’s if I can and that’s what drew me to the FLC8 although the next one the FLC8S does look interesting too. I also thought about the…damn I cannot for the life of me think of its name now. It was popular last year and had lots of swappable filters sure it’s a Chinese iem. Now I know LZA4. Anyhow I did order one but it was lost in the post (supposedly) and I didn’t bother getting it in the end. But yes the FLC8 did get a lot of love on the forums. I did end up getting the Massdrop Plus iem’s earlier this year. They’re good with lots of sub bass but not enough treble for me. Before anyone says it :grin: yes the Shure’s are known for their Bass but I got into Audio through the Shure line up and just liked the 846’s. Although I prefer bright headphones and iem’s.

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I second the Campfire Orion bandwagon here. My full review of these can be found here. They are a really great “entry-level” IEM. Great sound, though can become a bit muddled with heavy or complex tracks. With the added bluetooth cable from MEE, they really shine as a portable audiophile system.

Though for your requirements, bass might be a bit lacking. These are VERY neutral. With some tweaking of EQ you might get what you like though.

Hmmm… Oregon 30 washington 27. On the other hand I played for Oregon in the lates 70s early 80s and we only beat washington once in 1980.

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