Intros: If you just joined the community this is the spot to introduce yourself

First, Welcome to Soundwing! I hope you’ll enjoy it here.

Second, Where did you find an Emoji/GIF lip-synching “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer?


I agree with your thoughts too regarding hearing the artist as intended. This is a fun part of the audio journey for me. I will never quite know how they wanted me to hear it but if it moves me emotionally or to simply tap my foot it’s job done.

As I slowly progress and learn what I like and dont like music always seems to get better. I am always trying to get the whole part of my audio chain to gel together synergistically. This is often the hard part. There are so many great combinations of gear. But as you mention source is key.

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Toe-Tapping is great, as well as body shaking side to side, and awesome is a flood of chills up and down my body.


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Thanks everyone for a kind welcome!

I do enjoy bass I just don’t like when the other parts of a good listening experience are sacrificed by bass.

I listen to all kinds of music: from classical to electronic to rock. I wouldn’t mind to invest in up to $999 but I would rather spend less money and get a good quality for my buck. I’m just not sure what I need to spend to get what I want.

I was very surprised to see seinheisser selling a headphone cable in the hundreds range and seeing comments of people saying how it changed their listening experience. I’ve also heard of stuff like DAC amps that is can attach to your phones/ iPhone.

But I’m not sure if I need to upgrade applemusic to vinyl or add an amp to my headphones or get a new cable. It seems there are so many components to a good listening experience.

Will listening to Apple Music on a laptop vs an iPhone 7 through Bluetooth headphones really make a difference in sound quality?

I guess as long as it’s an upgrade to my sad EarPods/ beats listening experience then I’ll be happier then I am now. I would a comfortable budget would be around $300.

Thanks again everyone!!!


I was eyeing the master and dynamic mh40 because they are on sale for $200 but they are wired and I’m not sure if it will hurt the sound because I’d have to use an adapter to fit my iPhone jack. I think I’d also prefer Bluetooth because I don’t like having my iPhone on me all day.

the iPhone lightning to 3.5mm adapter actually measures quite well and will work fine for most IEMs and headphones. It may struggle with certain headphones that require more power.

As for IEMs, I made a list of some of my favorites this year here: Favorite Gear Purchase of 2018

It’s an incomplete list but its about 20+ IEMs ive had a chance to listen to this year only.

As for headphones - there’s quite a bit to choose from. Many people will probably recommend looking at the Sennheiser HD600/650/6XX or the 58X as a start. I also recommend the Hifiman HE560. These all can be found for under $250 usually on sale or regular price. These are all Open-Back though, which means they dont block incoming and outgoing noise from the headphone, so it helps with an open and cleaner/less distorted sound, but people around you may hear what you hear too.

If you want closed back, like most popular in-store headphones, the list drops a little bit from what I would recommend but there are some decent buys from Beyerdynamic, Audeze Sine, Oppo PM3 (though discontinued now), Audeze Mobius, and a few others to look at.

I personally own the Focal Elex, Focal Elear (closed), and Hifiman HE560, but have owned way too many headphones to count over the years.


Hello everyone! I am representing a startup from Singapore called Danico Labs and we specialize in Planar Magnetic IEMS. Looking forward to interacting with the community here! =]


Welcome to you @DanicoLabs . I hope you enjoy our community. I’m thinking you will share your personal gear and music experience. You might want to get heads up from @Torq regarding any business discussions you might want to share.

Glad to have you. Tom


Hi @DanicoLabs and welcome. You’ve found a great forum full of headphone/iem lovers. I love my iem’s so am going to be interested I what your startup brings to the table.


Thanks for the welcome guys! I have just gotten my hands on a set of modded Stax SR 001 MK2s and its one of my favorite mobile setups when paired with my onkyo dp1 player. I am an engineer at heart which is why I chose to make planar magnetic IEMS, with their many engineering intricacies which have yet to be mastered =]. If anyone is interested in the engineering of these I’d share what I can (but I am of course, not an expert by any means).


@DanicoLabs was kind enough to reach out beforehand to ask about business disclosures. :slight_smile:


Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Didn’t know what post. Maybe you can tell me what post it is. I have loads of them

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My fingers appear to have been drunk in that post. There was a wan attempt at humor over Soundwing’s emoji with the headphones singing something


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I’m new to this site and the world of headphones. We recently moved into an apartment after many years of having our own home in a rural setting where I could play my guitar and stereo as loud as I wished. Now I can’t play a guitar stereo at all. So, I would like to start with affordable headphones and amp to listen to my CDs, and use that to also play guitar using modeling gear.

I’m looking forward to hanging out and learning.


Welcome. It’s an adjustment coming in from the boondocks where you can do what you want as loudly as you want. We’ll do our best to help.


Welcome to you. You’ve come to the right place. Great group of folks learning from each other. Non-judgemental nor offensive. Just a great group of folks encouraging and suggesting ideas and experiences to enhance each others love of music listening and appreciation. While doing that we are able to share what equipment t makes it happen. Enjoy and participate

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Welcome, I am sure you’ll enjoy the forum.

Hi everybody,

I have been a rather inactive member here since and would like to increase my activity. I am known as Otto Motor on Head-Fi and as Dr. Schweinsgruber elsewhere. In real life I am a consulting geologist in Calgary, AB, with my own one-man company

Born and raised in Germany, I am also a citizen of Canada.

I always wanted to be a rebel and didn’t even know how easy that was these days: I am banned on Head-Fi from two threads for mentioning a Senfer earphone and for alluding to a certain Chinese seller - with no chance of parole. Nevertheless do I write earphone reviews over there — and soon here — and hopefully on my own blog (JK’s Audio Reviews) in the near future. This may also be inevitable with my increasing knowledge of earphones - though I am still learning. I would also like to become more technically savvy with modding.

My first somewhat decent earphone was the Sennheiser PX-100 some 10 years ago. Two years ago, I discovered Chifi and expanded my horizon. Today, I own some 150 headphones and earphones.

I like earphones as they are handily stowed in a shirt pocket between planes…after horrible experiences with my bulky Bose QC-15 NC headphones.

Anyway, I will become more active here in the future.

Thanks everybody for sharing your knowledge.


Welcome to the forum Jürgen! We’ve already had discussion/reviews of Yinyoo and Revonext and other illegal contraband here, so I’m sure people here are more open to discovery of good headphones. :slight_smile:

What was your poor experience with the Bose? The latest model (QC35) is pretty decent and stows away nicely. I don’t have it but I did try it out before keeping the B&O H9.

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