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Thank you all for the warm welcome and also thanks to the cat! :rofl:


Hi All,

This is not really my first post as I jumped right into a thread earlier but it is only common courtesy to introduce myself :wink:

I am from Spain and am pretty new to the headphone world. I have been working in the pro-audio industry for more than 20 years but mainly in live and studio situations where I only used headphones for tracking and some mixing when working late at night. Most of my time has been spent with PA systems and studio monitors. I am also a bass player that moved into an apartment a few years ago (from a country house) so I have needed to practice more through headphones.

Recently I had a new baby boy and also a switch around in the office which means me sharing an office with somebody who hates any kind of noise while working, especially music it seems! :roll_eyes: This obviously limits me to closed back headphones.

Anyway, I have had a few sets of headphones over the years (as I said, more for work rather than fun) including Denon AH-D350, Sony MDR-V6, various cheap Sony and Phillips models and various “DJ” sets (for my days as a DJ where louder was better :D).

Over the last year or so I managed to accumulate 3 pairs of M40X as I find them easy to mix with, along with a few sets of IEMs from brands like Sennheiser, KZ and Shure etc.

Anyway, since the start of the year I have been spending time actually listening to headphones and seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole…

At work I spend 8 hours a day behind a desk (when I am not travelling) and have put together a nice (to me) little set up consisting of an SMSL SU-8 into a JDS Atom and a Loxjie P20. My work headphones are a set of Beyerdynamic Custom Studios. I am looking into a pair of open-backs to run balanced out of the P20 in the evenings when I am alone in the office.

At home I am running either a Focusrite Scarlett or a Behringer UMC204HD into a SS HP amp (I forget the brand but it was cheap). However, I picked up a Topping NX4 DSD for travel and was using it at work while waiting for my other stuff to turn up. I really liked the NX4 so I am mainly using that at home now into M40x.

For travel, the Topping is perfect although I usually just travel with IEMs as I am always tight on space (too many gadgets).

Anyway, sorry for the wall of text and I hope to conitnue the journey learning from this site!


“Bummer” :scream:

Welcome aboard. Glad to have you. I look forward to learning experience with gear and musical tastes. Tom


Hi @SenyorC and welcome. I’m sure you’ll be a great addition to the community.




Welcome - spelled properly because the cat is not helping me type.


Welcome!!! :slight_smile:




Hello. I am a music lover that is all in on headphones, DAP’s and amp’s.

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Excellent! Welcome to you from the chilly part of the world. Easy for my to say in Florida 85 degrees today. I long forward to hearing about all your gear and experiences. I hope you gain some knowledge and fun from our “Very” friendly forum. Tom :sunglasses:

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Hi and welcome @ShaneD. I too hail from Halifax though it’s Halifax in the kingdom of West Yorkshire in the UK. :grin:

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Cool. Twin cities, so to speak. I am sure my city was named after yours.

Shane D


Thank you. And I would kill for some of that 85 degrees. Actually, to me 75 is perfect. :slight_smile:

Shane D


Welcome @ShaneD, I only just got here myself but it is a very friendly place!

BTW, 75 degrees is a little too hot for me, but that could be because I think in Centigrade :wink:

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Agree with the 75 also. Gets kind of muggy here. 95 in summer with muggy is like wading through pea soup.

oh! Did I mention hurricanes. Oh well, can’t be perfect it seems anywhere.


I am Canadian, but I am old.:grin:
While I might say 21 degrees out loud, in my head I am always thinking 70 degrees.



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And fuel use in a vehicle. Miles per gallon? Per imperial gallon? or liters per 100km?

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Miles per gallon and PSI!


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Pressure in KG and fuel consumption, due to the damn price, in Euros per Kilometre!