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Thank you!



Pretty new to the use of (good) headphones and listening beyond a CD in my car in general. I am moving into doing some recording of my own classical guitar playing.


Welcome @DaveLeeNC


Welcome @DaveLeeNC hope you enjoy your time here with us all. Some great guys and gals here.


Welcome Dave. You couldn’t be in a better headphone forum. All are treated with respect, no matter where they are (or are not) in their musical journey.

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Except @Carmantom. Some people just get no respect.

Wait a second. I meant Dangerfield.


Hello. I just joined this forum. I am a newbie when it comes to music hardware and such. I built a custom pc for many reasons but it needed the
Sound to be good. I just purchased the audeze LCD-2C’s with the schiit Jotunheim with the multibit dac with a modmic for chat with friends. I was wondering would it be worth it to get balanced cables for it as well. Thanks and glad to be aboard.
My new pc rig. That I built.


Welcome! You are jumping in with both feet with the Audeze and the Jotunheim.

I am not sure on the balanced part. Is your source the computer? With my DAP the balanced out is MUCH better. Now I am running my DAP through a desktop amp (Burson Fun-Classic) and the SE output is working just fine. Amazing actually.


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Totally cool custom PC. I hope it is running Fedora 29…

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Wow that’s some custom Kobe. Great looking. And welcome. You’ve got yourself some great gear from the get go. Don’t be too worried about balanced. If you can afford a balanced cable don’t go mad. You may or may not hear a great difference. I personally like running with balanced gear, where possible. For the time being get to know your new setup and your likes and dislikes. Enjoy your new PC and your new audio gear too.

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Hello I’m Joey, am a teen who lives in between Seattle and Bellevue, If you live in any of those you prolly know what I’m talking about. I like listening to music on the bus or at home and am always on a budget. I look forward to finishing my pc upgrade so I ca get some upgrades for my audio!


Welcome Joey!

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Hi Joey and welcome!

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Welcome Joey. One of our topics is about Ultra-Cheap Chinese IEMs. That might be of interest to you. At first I’d read it and my eyes would glaze over. Lots of model numbers and few models with names. I’d rather drive a Hellcat than a 500.

Then one day I saw a bunch of good reviews for a headphone that goes for about $17 on Ali Express. I took a chance and have been happily astonished at the good sound ever since.

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Yeah I’ve been reading that thread since it began and have finally bit the bullet joining this forum. Still surprised at how some people *cough Torq *cough can spend so much on “budget” IEMs lol

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Hello Joey and welcome.


They’re cheap, usually fun, and a viable option for hitting the “free same day delivery” requirements when they’re on Amazon. It’s not my fault they’re also shiny …

Since you’re local to Seattle, you may want to participate in an upcoming (seemingly always upcoming, as it happens, schedules have been challenging) mini-meet of people here (and/or the broader local personal-audio group).


Meh my parents are already mad at me for going to mechanical keyboard meets lol


You are young to already be corrupted by Mechboards, and audiophile gear lol…good on you though. Never to early to appreciate the finer things in life lol…


To those of us who learned how to type when typewriters were either mechanical or diesel-electric, there is nothing except a mechanical keyboard. Chicklets are for chewing.