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Thanks to you I bought Time Further Out and I’m loving it, honestly better than Time Out.

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Just glad you found it. An album I will always treasure.


I was listening to this on my commute to drop off the daughter and go to the gym…pretty cool, I’m looking forward to playing some of the tracks and listening to some of the artists when I get home. Also I’ll be picking this book up.

Picked up The Best of Ken Burns Jazz has some really good early cuts, big band, bebop etc. It’s a nice sampler for one looking to get into Jazz. Also scored Michael Franks The Art of Tea both for 2 bucks at half price books.
Also been spinning Mile Davis Bitches Brew which is an altogether different beast.

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Ken Burns. Now, " That’s what I’m talking about " I had the good fortune of my wife taking that course in college. She never gave up. She got her bachelor’s when she was 55. She had to buy the whole Ken Burns Jazz Cd. Anybody whose anyone in early jazz is in there. Yep! That’s all those guys who passed on this great genre.

IMHO, Jazz began to split up in the 1940’s-1950’s with the start of bebop and continued to splinter to this very day. Prior to the 1940,I would say that what we call jazz today was much closer to mainstream music and what we might call “pop” today.

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@frank_gyure2 expressed the hope that this thread might revive. In honor of you I’ll listen to some more Jazz and use that as inspiration for posting here. In the meantime, you may also enjoy the Jazz subreddit, which I find to be quite stimulating.

Since I know @frank_gyure2 enjoys classical as well, I’ll start my listening with

I haven’t actually listened to much Jazz-Classical fusion, but I enjoy Concierto de Aranjuez quite a bit. I actually heard the Miles Davis version before the original, and after finally listening to a performance of the original was struck by how faithful Miles stays to it. It’s immediately recognizable as itself, and while it leaves out a lot of the little guitar flourishes that make the original sound so “Spanish”, uses relatively sparser instrumentation and adds swing, the tempo and dynamics remain similar enough to the original that the overall feeling conveys. Like a Borg, he adds his own distinctiveness without compromising the integrity of the whole. Masterful!

EDIT - I should have mentioned that this sounds wonderful on my HD58X (from a Topping NX4). The Sennheiser 600 series gets a lot of kudos for vocal reproduction, but I think their strength extends well beyond this. This album has a lot of interesting percussion (most of which uses devices and instruments that I can’t name) and to my ear it sounds perfectly balanced and natural. For whatever reason, I find that a lot of headphones struggle with rendering percussion well, either lacking punch, lacking sparkle or going too far the other way and becoming shrill.


Thank you. I will try to listen to Miles Davis-Sketches of Spain and put my comments/opinions here. BTW,I feel that the music of Spain has been disregarded and deserves more listening. I will start listening to more Spanish music within my music collections.

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One of my favorite recordings. I like it better than Kind of Blue. Very soulful. I’m also familiar with the guitar versions in numerous live renditions, never recorded.

@prfallon69 mentioned that he likes acoustic rock and eighties music.

You might enjoy this album, I do.

Sting brought together a good group of jazz musicians for his first solo album, including Branford Marsallis and Kenny Kirkland [RIP]. Kenny was still with him when I saw Sting perform in the 90’s. I never saw Branford but did see his little brother Jason once. Those Jazz sensibilities exerted an influence beyond just this album.

For whatever reason, New Orleans seems to produce some Jazz musicians with good pop sensibilities. Harry Connick Jr and Trombone Shorty are two who come to mind immediately. I think you might enjoy some of their work too.

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Thanks@pwjazz I will certainly look into the sting album as well as the other artists. By the way I am loving the HD58x. It’s much more to my tastes than the HD 650. I think the HD58x pairs much better with my music than the HD650 especially acoustic. I have just picked up the Topping D50 Dac too. I am partial to the Ess Sabre Dac’s. I have paired it with the Matrix M-Stage HPA-3u Amp/Dac. Lots of power but wanted a change of Dac. Not had much time to play with it but it sounds very good so far.


Spanish Guitar playing is the most intricate and skilful I have heard. Very emotional to listen to. I just grabbed some playlists off Spotify one day and fell in love. I might have also used Amazon music for downloading them. I couldn’t name any artists but I may have to go back and look for some of my favourites. The European chap Miloš Karadaglić is outstanding too.


pwjazz… I am listening to Miles Davis/Sketches of Spain as I type this posting. I really like it. Thanks for the recommendation. There are both elements of traditional Spanish music and a fresh re-interpretation of the same.

Thanks to all who are jumping into this. I will say that I tend to be a traditionalist jazz listener. By itself that is a specific period within the Jazz Genre. When I listen to recordings made in the 1920’s-1930’s, the quality of the sound my be “bad” but the psychological factor gives it an extra-special variable factor. When it comes to JAZZ,we are looking at a solid 100 years of recorded music and development.

On a slight tangent, and out of pure, morbid, interest (possibly coupled with an idea about organizing a meet-up) … how many of you Jazz fans have been to the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans?

This year is the 50th anniversary of the event, so it’s bound to be spectacular. When New Orleans celebrates anything it’s generally magnificent (I’m still finding beads from this years’ Mardi-Gras).

My fiancé (who’ll be my wife by then) and I are going. We’re both sort of the more-the-merrier types for this sort of thing. If there’s enough interest I’m sure I could see us organizing something. And even if interest is only moderate then at least making arrangements to get a group from here together.

Just be aware, if you’ve never been before … its a fantastic city, but carries the very real risk of coming back a lot fatter than you went out, with possible liver issues, and a burning desire to return.

To avoid derailing this thread … if you’re interested shoot me a private message and if appropriate I’ll create a suitable topic for discussion/organization.


I grew up listening. My Mother taught classical guitar and piano, and had a masters in Music. She’d listen to John Williams and would then play her renditions. Although the flashier stuff is very well known, I very much favor the Sor studies.

Oh, the flashier stuff… Compare John Williams and Andres Segovia on Albeniz’ Leyenda

I can’t get over Segovia’s technique. Absolutely superb.

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Thank you for sharing I will definitely look into these artists. As you say the technique of some of these musicians is astounding. It’s amazing the emotions that can be brought forth with an instrument.


Thank you. Please note my edit of the first artist. I left out the last digit of copy and past, and instead of Sor Studies by John Williams, it said BIZ EURODISCO UK electronic synth pop.

Not my intended link!

Hi Percy…Thanks for sending me The Miles Davis/Sketches of Spain recording. I loved it! I have not listened to a lot of Miles Davis because I have mistakenly keep remembering the later stages of his interpretative efforts(Jazz Fusion etc). “Sketches” was made in 1959/1960 so I guess Miles was moving towards his later “Fusion” work. I have also been interested in Spanish Music especially Spanish Classical Composers. But,again, thanks for the Spanish Miles. I really enjoyed it.

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Ok… I will very simply just put down what type of Jazz I like. I tend to be more of a traditionalist. Soloists…Louis Armstrong,Ben Webster,Coleman Hawkins and right through today to Wynton Marsalis. The Big Bands-Basie,Ellington,Kenton. Vocalists;Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday right through Rosemary Clooney,Diana Krall,Abbey Lincoln,Nina Simone,Sarah Vaughn,Dinah Washinton. There are so many others.