Last chance for an Eddie Current amp - EC Studio B

The EC “Studio B” amp will have a limited run. This is a headphone/speaker amp running 300B tubes. It’s my understanding that this is basically a (slightly updated) EC Studio Jr amplifier. Someone correct me if that’s inaccurate.

“Responding to the interest in the Studio Jr, we have formed a pre-order list for a special Studio B headphone amplifier using the remaining inventory, which will be a very limited run. Once production is confirmed, the order will require a deposit with the expected fulfillment date announced.”

Further info in the link provided.


How much is it expected to sell for?


$3200 to $3600, I believe. Best to inquire with Craig via the info on the EC site.


Is it tho? A couple of items immediately stand out:

  1. The puny power supply compared to the original, this is not the place to make cuts.
  2. Lack of a 6SN7 input tube
  3. Lack of output tube heater switch.
  4. High frequency heaters?(surprise there’s no mention)

The magic of the original were the high frequency heaters, if EC can confirm the same are found here then it may be a good buy. Still it’s more a cut down Balancing Act than an upgrade.
It looks more like a Studio Jr 300B and SBAF is using the BA for marketing purposes.


Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just relaying the info.

So… Ok. Maybe? I don’t know. Once more info is available, we’ll see. I’m unsure what all the differences are between a BA and Studio Jr anyway. This doesn’t look exactly like either one. I’m just letting people know.

  1. Without knowing the specs of the transformer or amp topology, it’s a bit early to say one way or another.
  2. There are quite a few other types of tubes that sound just as good, often for less. Let’s face it, the 6SN7 well ran dry years ago.
  3. See number 1.
  4. See number 1.

Sounds like someone has a serious grudge against SBAF? Not that I care, honestly. I’ve got a few gripes myself. However, EC has made some of the best headamps I’ve ever owned, and it would be a shame if you schiit all over it this early just because you’re butthurt over the forum this news came from. I’m not trying to be a Richard, I’m just saying.

I don’t know, maybe I’m taking the tone of your post wrong.

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Not sure what I said to make you think I’ve got any sort of gripe, it’s alright to ask questions to clarify the scope of a product isn’t it? I only care about facts and empirical observations.
The facts are this is an amp being sold on dude trust me as it’s surprisingly lacking in any sort of spec whatsoever from a site priding itself on measurements and objectiveness and the initial pitch feels intentionally vague. Why launch a new amp with just a price tag? I think it was Jason who said to reveal a product only when it’s ready for shipping…still this is boutique.

P.S. nothing against EC, I’d love to own a Tribute Studio for a bit and almost puled the trigger a couple of times.


Ok, I get you. It’s 3:30 am here, and insomnia is kicking my butt. Sorry.

I asked for more info on it btw, so once I get an answer I’ll update the post.

On a side note, I’m not sure I want to own a 300b amp. I’m sure new production tubes sound good and all, but they are still hideously expensive. NOS ones are FK U kind of money. Still, it seems that is just the way of top end tube amps nowadays - the glass costs more than the iron they get plugged into.


I know how you feel about 300B and other popular output tubes. It would be easier if one got the right pair of 300B for the start and not have to buy multiple brands for the goldilocks one. I know which I’d have and listening to them right now with the Utopia: Elrog 300B. Still it’s the reason why I don’t like modern TOTL tube amps, the tubes are just too expensive, sometimes half the cost of the amp for the really good stuff and stock usually gimps the sound. They’re included because they have to be there in most cases not because of good synergy etc. and it’s mostly Chinese copies.
I don’t think there anyone who sells a tube amp with top shelf tubes from the get go. Preferences and such but still, it hides the true cost of the amp. For a WA33 it’s another 2.5K for a KR setup…outch.


So it’s confirmed, it’s a Studio Jr in a BA similar(not identical) chassis, nothing fancy but there has to be a reason for the upped price(maybe the chassis)? The Jr was sold for 2800$ according to the EC website.


Its interesting that the conversation went the way of tube costs. I saw @ProfFalkin post this and, reflexively, I almost signed up for it. Then I thought about the 300B costs…

Not to off topic things too much but I think that is the genius of Donald North coming up with the Starlett, that things sounds good stock and if you want to roll its pretty cheap. I bought all kinds of NOS tubes just for kicks and spent around $200 - whats a NOS 300B cost? My current favourite tube complement in it is a total of $50.

Not saying that the Starlett is better than whatever 300B you want to compare it to but I think it may be a steal at current pricing. The only potentially crazy expensive tube on it could be the 5AR4 which can run you to just around 1k depending upon what you are after. I got a NOS Mullard coming that will be the most expensive tube I will try with it but even that wasnt break the bank.

Ive even noticed prices going up in the last month on certain tubes, its getting to the point that people are going to have to design amps that use more common tubes (hopeful), companies are going to have to make better new production tubes (doubtful) as really good tube amps are going to be out of the reach of even audiophiles who have some financial means behind them.

So as @M17XR2B stated correctly, the true cost of a tube amp is hidden in the nebulous nature of the tube market. Gives me great pause when considering an eventual upgrade, you almost feel like you should buy tubes now for an amp you may never actually buy! Crazy stuff.


I think that’s called “hedging”. :grin: