LCD-2F (2020) Review!

All the versions are LCD-2. How does one know? (Other than purchase date, I guess…)

Audeze needs to stop the silent revision BS

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Well, Audeze is actually fairly transparent about their revisions - even on their product page for the LCD-2 they mention that it has gone through a number of them.

This isn’t like the Sundara revision where it was up to us to find out about it, so Audeze is one of the few companies that’s more public about it.

Still, it would be nice to know what specifically was changed. I know a few people say it’s the pads, but I also don’t know this for sure since I only have this one here.

As far as how you can tell? most likely purchase date.


Saying they revise it (often) isn’t the same as being transparent about it. Detailing what was changed and how to identify versions would be transparent.

As it sits, there’s no way to know what you’re buying. We have to police all this ourselves. If I hear a LCD-2 from 4 years ago, think “that’s spiffy, I’ll buy a new one for myself” then I’m pretty much screwed because it’s not going to sound the same. I’d have to do a mountain of research. It’s dishonest.

They need to change model numbers when they make revisions, or officially add a prefix like LCD-2a, LCD-2b, etc. to the label on the product itself. How many versions of the LCD-2F exist now? We can’t even get that pinned down, I bet.

Just saying.

I’m not sure why this has me all fired up, but it’s one of the reasons I won’t but Audeze.

I’ll shut up now.


No you’re right about that. I only mean when you ask them they tell you haha. And yeah I agree, I think what was changed and when should be published - but just like with silent revisions, this gets tricky for dealers.


With unit-to-unit variations, could we add greek letters like LCD-2bΔ, LCD-2aΨ, LCD-2fΘ :smiley:?


I have to say, these are one of the headphones that interest me most that I’d love to have. Been deciding whether I want to save up for this or the Ether CX since those strike me as an interesting pair of headphones within the price range. Reviews pit these as drastically different sounding cans, but it’d be great to demo these myself.


Hey @Resolve , after watching your review of the LCD-2 2020 version, I was thinking if you have a chance in the future to compare them to the old Hifiman HE-500? I recently got a used set of the HE-500, and I tried Hifiman’s Velpads on them, and to my ears they sound like a warmer and more technical performing Sundara. I wouldn’t be surprised if they compete with the LCD-2 2020.

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Been looking heavily into what headphones to buy lately and these have been at the top of my list and this review is really confidence inspiring! I have never EQed with software before; however, I am assuming I could easily download the above linked softwares and it just integrates with windows 10 easily! That said I do have a Schiit Loki EQ, would I be able to achieve the same things using that?


Can that +5db peak cause clipping with the modern music productions?

How is this one different from 2019 fazor version? I suppose I can’t use this EQ settings? Btw what EQ you use for pre-2020 fazor LCD2 model?
Too bad the review didn’t say how it sounds with different amps and DACs, does it scale, whats recommended combination, what doesn’t sound good, etc

No you have to set the gain to -10 or so. Then there shouldn’t be any clipping issues. As to the other models, I can’t comment on those since the only other LCD-2 I’ve heard was the original one from way back, and I never put together a profile for it.

You might want to try Head-Fi to find out about all the different LCD-2 models, last time I checked there were about 6 different versions from LCD-2 w/ wood connectors, LCD-2 with plastic/metal connectors (LCD-2.2), LCD-2f 2014 IIRC this is the first fazor version, LCD-2f 2016 (revised fazor), LCD-2 Classic, and now the LCD-2 2020. I’ve only heard LCD-2.2, LCD-2F (2014, kept these), LCD-2F (2016) and LCD-2 Classic. They all sound slightly different.


Equalizer APO works great on Win 10 :+1:

It depends on your setup. From the Equalizer APO site:

  • the application must not bypass the system effect infrastructure
    (APIs like ASIO or WASAPI exclusive mode can not be used)

So if you use either of those then APO won’t work.

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If player uses WASAPI or ASIO exclusive mode then you can’t add EQ in the middle, of course. I know Roon has EQ and headphone profiles, but not sure about Foobar or some other apps.
Also, this is the only option if you want system-wide EQ

Hey Chrono,

as a Roon user - do the Audeze-preset settings per model provided “in” Roon DSP sufficient or is additional tweaking using the Roon-EQs a must? Thanx and kind regards


The presets by Audeze are nice (depends on the model, really), but I still like doing my own EQ profiles. I suggest playing around with different settings and see what you enjoy best! :slight_smile:


thanx Chrono,

So if I interpret this correctly the Roon-presets provided by Audeze are a step in the right direction, do try to remedy the known issues - but only go so far (depending on model)?
again thanx


Word of caution with EQ-profiles - you have to use your ears. I have a very late 2020-model LCD-2F (Shedua Wood) that seemingly looks the same that Chrono and Resolve used in their reviews.

When I searched for EQ-profiles, it wasn’t actually so easy. The naming and knowing to which LCD-2’s the profiles are actually for is very hard to be sure of. I tried Oratory’s, Chrono’s and Resolve’s profiles and found out that only the Resolve’s one was the correct one that suited my pair - i.e. the late 2020’s must be different.

I haven’t used ROON/Audeze EQ, but the problem still exists.

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Yes, that’s correct! I like the LCD-2 Audeze preset, but I definitely encourage you play around and customize your own EQ.

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