Moondrop In-Ear Monitors and Ear Buds

Yes I tried all possible ways to love them. But I just dont get the same energy as I get with the Tin P1. Dont get me wrong. They do sound good. Especially the Bass and Sub Bass is for my preferance perfect. But it just doesn’t excite me, especially when I hear music with a lot of string instruments.

The P1 has a lot less ear gain and a darker sounding high frequency range from what I recall, so perhaps a more “neutral” or “neutral bright” treble tonality just isn’t your thing. Nothing wrong with that!


Yes, thats is also how I would describe the high frequency of Tin P1. Its has a crystal clear, bassy and highs. I just like how the Sound Signature of Tin P1. Everybody has different ears.

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So, I have a question about sound. Just for kicks, I switched back to my dusk from my Zen.

I am listening to the song Oh! By valis alps. And there is this piano tone(ish) played at 0:49 and 0:53 (and elsewhere). There is a kind of “static” around the note.

I hear it other places, but it is most noticeable there. Is this one of the BA timbre whatever things that people talk about? Is my IEM broken? Have a reached the next level of audiophile? What is it? i must know!

The Zen has no such thing. Completely clean and gorgeous.

Just listened to it - no “static” or distortion. How loud are you listening? I’m at around 80-85 dB max.

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Not very loud. (No idea what my listening levels are in terms of db) It’s hard to describe the sound. It seems to be most prominent at certain frequencies. It’s pretty subtle. Once I heard it I couldn’t unhear it and switched to the Zen.

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Is this BA Grain? could it be BA grain? If this is it, I never want to hear it again having heard something without it.

I suppose it’s possible, but to my ears BA grain is an ever present thing. It’s more apparent to me within the midrange and with specific instruments and tones, but it doesn’t sound like static to my ears; it more of an Unnaturalness (not a word?) or slight haziness to the sound. To my ears it doesn’t sound like static or what a distorting driver sounds like, though; but perhaps it does to others.

It’s present in a lot of places now that I have heard it. I will experiment more shortly.

So, I think, for me, it’s only really annoyingly noticeable for certain frequencies when not in busier music.

I also am not hearing it as much today vs yesterday (even on the same song). not going to worry about it. I was just trying to experience something a bit different than my zen.

I am starting to think the monarch would be a good compliment to the Zen. The zen stays just on this side of too much. Every once in a while, I just don’t feel like putting them on. Not sure what it is yet.

I am experimenting with the idea that it’s IEMs in general, and getting an over ear set to see if it helps to alternate.

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Dunu Zen (gray) vs Moondrop B2 Dusk


Did you do these? I’ve been using crin’s graphs for them:

Moondrop blue and Zen Green. Normalized at 60db. Pretty similar.

Do you have a public graph comparison tool somewhere?

I would love for Ant and Resolve to host a measurement comparison tool!

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I might even be able to volunteer time to help on that.

I have started to work off the open source code that Crin uses. But I have been lazy to actually get the data converted over to the right format. The site is basically working (on github pages) but just using sample test data.

and by lazy i mean, i made the graph tool site over a year ago i think and havent done anything since.


I know that feeling. I have a headphone site idea I “started” 3 months ago… yeah, it’s nowhere.

Haha no worries. We appreciate everything you already do in the community! I look forward to the day it’s up and running, though.

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I just swapped the standard silicone tips on my B2D for Spinfit CP155s. Never had good bass with Spinfits. But on the B2D I get a very nice seal, they are very very comfortable … and the bass is as good, if not better than with the standard tips.
I get the impression that I get more details in the highs too.


CP500 would also work. Just a slightly different shape.

SpinFits have a tip for everything. I have been leaning toward them lately on my iems as they are easy and balanced. Very nice. Definitely better than B2 included ones.

Have you tried symbio W’s. Some of the benefits of foam without the negatives. I liked them a lot too. And xelastec, of course.


I actually like the included tips with the B2D. So up until now I didn’t feel the need for tip-rolling on that IEM. But I got the Moondrop foam tips in and while I was changing tips anyway I tried the Spinfits too. Didn’t expect much, but they are surprisingly good on the B2D. They (cp155) never sounded good on other IEMs I tried them with.