Most Comfortable Audiophile Headphones

I take this back. Spent a couple of hours with my Shure last night. The comfort is still top-notch; the ergonomics (weight, build, earpad comfort, padding) are excellent. However, in terms of sound I’ve been spoiled by my stable of Focal headphones and my old Shure isn’t up to the challenge of these higher expectations.

Then again, I’m not coding all day anymore. When my Shure was under heavy use, I wasn’t really listening critically. Rather, I was using them to filter out the distraction of modern “open-space” offices so that I could focus on my code. I wanted to get into my coding groove and isolate from the noisy office; I wasn’t focusing on how immersive and pleasing I found the background playlist I had chosen. Also, I’m not sure I would want to have such expensive headphones as the Utopia or Stellia in the office (workplace theft is sadly real)…the Clear MGs maybe…


Probably varies quite a lot by person:

Sennheiser HD6XX has an utterly unbearable clamp force. Most uncomfortable headphones I’ve ever used.

Focal Elex (should be similar to Clear and Stelia?? Also very uncomfortable. Too much clamp force on the upper jaw area.

For me by far the most comfortable headphone I own or have used is the Sony MDR-Z7R2. Can listen for hours in comfort. Sound pretty good too.

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Hybrid Pads really helped too with the frequency response, at least in my opinion. I bought a used pair of Nighthawks that included Hybrid Pads that completely changed the sound signature for me - making the bass cleaner and the mids less sucked out.

The interesting thing is once your ears/mind adjust to the sound signature then vocals actually sound really good on the Nighthawks. At first it’s wonky but a little time helps your brain adjust. I really like my Nighthawks even if they aren’t as good as many Focal headphones which are clearer and brighter.

Hello I need so e help, i have bower & w, px headphones and the sound is good but not good for comfort any suggestions how and with what i can improve the cushioning / ear muffs would be welcome? Thank you Neil

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Every time I put my Stellia’s on it feels like I am putting on a helmet. But as soon as the music starts, I no longer feel them, I just feel the music. My Sony MDR1’s are very comfortable too, like they are not there.

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Is it weird that I find my LCD-XCs to be more comfortable than the Sennheiser HD6XX? When I upgraded I was able to listen all day while studying and keep the neighbor’s noise at a minimum thanks to the beefier earpads. After I upgraded the shorter strap to prevent the metal from touching my head it was like wearing a snuggly cloud.

Not really, I think if your neck is strong enough then the only thing that matters is the band and pads.

And those are things that Audeze does well.


You’re probably in the minority on this one, but I don’t find it odd at all. I’ve seen many complaints about the weight of Audeze’s headphones, but having owned one for about 18 months now, I don’t have any issues with the weight because the headband distributes it so well. It’s highly subjective, but for me, the LCD-X 2021 is just as comfortable as the HD 600. YMMV.