My vintage gear

Sennheiser HD560 Ovation 1 (Ovation 2 headband)
Sennheiser HD580 Precision v.3
Stax Sr-Lambda (Normal Bias) (x2) /Srd-6sb
Also, Paradigm Studio 20 v.3

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Excellent post and great pictures.

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From my past to my present. Incvbvs Elegan.



I owned both the MKIII and Lambda back in the 80’s and loved them.

HD540 Gold 600ohm

HD540 Gold 300ohm


I don’t have many vintage sets anymore but here are a few that I’ve owned.

Fostex T50(v0) 1970s model

Beyerdynamic ET1000

Pioneer Monitor 10

AKG K500

Denon AH-D700 and Denon AH-D900


Very cool collection! I’ve always been curious about the OG T50 and the ET1000. Unicorn headsets lol :laughing:

Stax sr-5 NB/gold (flat cable)


Those two, although are very cool, are a bit behind today’s headphones in performance. The ET1000 especially is not particularly great though it’s not terrible. They had some design faults that ultimately impacted the sound in a negative way. The OG T50 does have a very pleasing midrange response but falls short in both bass and treble responses - these probably perform at the level of the HE-400i/HE-4XX.

Speaking of Unicorn headsets, I’ve briefly owned a Yamaha YH/HP-1000 but they sound absolutely terrible. They weigh as much as a modern planar magnetic headphone (at around 500 grams) with its very inefficient choices in design, though it’s probably because the tiny drivers weigh like 200 grams each. The YH/HP-1 is many times better and is a lot more common.


I’ve never got into vintage planars, but I’ve read the Sansui ss100 Modded and other variations are pretty decent sounding. Now they are pretty expensive though. Basically, I have heard every new totl headphone out today. I haven’t listened with R10, Omega, He60, or He90 yet. I got to listen to the He1 at the last Canjam which was very enjoyable.

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Spitzer has an sr-x mk3 normal bias that he has updated to pro in his used headphones on his site here:

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Lol I feel like all his headsets have been there for awhile now. Considering that I bought my NB Lambda for $175. I kind of laugh at high priced vintage gear. Not to say anything higher in price isn’t worth it, but I like jumping on deals. I got the HD580 shown above for $80 bucks. Which is insane! The guy basically gave them to me. Maybe one day I’ll come across one… :+1:

I’ve got an HD580 like yours. I bought mine new.

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Yeah, the thing with vintage planars is that one may want to do some modding. It’s certainly not required per se but it’s fun, and I’ve learned a thing or two about headphone acoustics or really what to expect with a certain sort of schematic. But yes, I agree they are very expensive right now and are not worth it unless if you’re a collector or the headphones can be acquired at a relatively low price.

I haven’t listened with R10, Omega, He60, or He90 yet. I got to listen to the He1 at the last Canjam which was very enjoyable.

I really want to hear all of those.The R10 especially but I’m afraid that I might have too high of an expectation for those.


Some more vintage headsets I have had the pleasure of owning below. Cheers!


Now that’s a lot’a headphones.


I’ll admit to my Sennheiser obsession lol :joy:


Moving stuff around

New amp: Recapped Sansui 5000a

Sound: Warm, powerful, engaging!

I was never really a speaker guy until now. These Paradigms are so dynamic! I never really felt slam until now.

Side note: Shout out to my late grandfathers AMERICAN flag. WWII Veteran who fought in Battle of the bulge and lived.

Anyway… I’m really enjoying this setup now, and I am really thinking about vinyl. An OG pressing of Darkside of the moon on vinyl will be glorious! This audio journey never ends! Love/hate :heart::heart::heart:


Also, Stax Sr-404LE coming soon! Snagged them on fleebay. Only 1000 units made (lol everyone says this).


Sansui in it’s prime is very very good. Maybe not the headphone out, but everything else. I’m holding on to a restored AU-919 integrated amp as my just can’t let it go amp.

And I envy the STAX. I’m still checking eBay. There was a poorly displayed SR-007 Mk2 that I had on watchlist. I would have needed new earpads - went for $1358. My plan had been to try and snipe at $1200, but it went over than 2 days before auction ending.

Meanwhile, my wife keeps checking some gem auctions - the floor has dropped on quality tanzanite and colored diamonds. Luxury goods are a difficult sell. I’m too much of a tightwad.