My vintage gear

Sennheiser HD560 Ovation 1 (Ovation 2 headband)
Sennheiser HD580 Precision v.3
Stax Sr-Lambda (Normal Bias) (x2) /Srd-6sb
Also, Paradigm Studio 20 v.3

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Excellent post and great pictures.

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From my past to my present. Incvbvs Elegan.



I owned both the MKIII and Lambda back in the 80’s and loved them.

HD540 Gold 600ohm

HD540 Gold 300ohm


I don’t have many vintage sets anymore but here are a few that I’ve owned.

Fostex T50(v0) 1970s model

Beyerdynamic ET1000

Pioneer Monitor 10

AKG K500

Denon AH-D700 and Denon AH-D900


Very cool collection! I’ve always been curious about the OG T50 and the ET1000. Unicorn headsets lol :laughing:

Stax sr-5 NB/gold (flat cable)


Those two, although are very cool, are a bit behind today’s headphones in performance. The ET1000 especially is not particularly great though it’s not terrible. They had some design faults that ultimately impacted the sound in a negative way. The OG T50 does have a very pleasing midrange response but falls short in both bass and treble responses - these probably perform at the level of the HE-400i/HE-4XX.

Speaking of Unicorn headsets, I’ve briefly owned a Yamaha YH/HP-1000 but they sound absolutely terrible. They weigh as much as a modern planar magnetic headphone (at around 500 grams) with its very inefficient choices in design, though it’s probably because the tiny drivers weigh like 200 grams each. The YH/HP-1 is many times better and is a lot more common.


I’ve never got into vintage planars, but I’ve read the Sansui ss100 Modded and other variations are pretty decent sounding. Now they are pretty expensive though. Basically, I have heard every new totl headphone out today. I haven’t listened with R10, Omega, He60, or He90 yet. I got to listen to the He1 at the last Canjam which was very enjoyable.

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Spitzer has an sr-x mk3 normal bias that he has updated to pro in his used headphones on his site here:

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Lol I feel like all his headsets have been there for awhile now. Considering that I bought my NB Lambda for $175. I kind of laugh at high priced vintage gear. Not to say anything higher in price isn’t worth it, but I like jumping on deals. I got the HD580 shown above for $80 bucks. Which is insane! The guy basically gave them to me. Maybe one day I’ll come across one… :+1:

I’ve got an HD580 like yours. I bought mine new.

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Yeah, the thing with vintage planars is that one may want to do some modding. It’s certainly not required per se but it’s fun, and I’ve learned a thing or two about headphone acoustics or really what to expect with a certain sort of schematic. But yes, I agree they are very expensive right now and are not worth it unless if you’re a collector or the headphones can be acquired at a relatively low price.

I haven’t listened with R10, Omega, He60, or He90 yet. I got to listen to the He1 at the last Canjam which was very enjoyable.

I really want to hear all of those.The R10 especially but I’m afraid that I might have too high of an expectation for those.


Some more vintage headsets I have had the pleasure of owning below. Cheers!


Now that’s a lot’a headphones.

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I’ll admit to my Sennheiser obsession lol :joy:

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