New Here? This Is The Spot To Introduce Yourself

“In the Court of the Crimson King” My favorite. Still love it after 50 years

Thanks. I saw them last year at the Montreal Jazz Fest - spectacular! Three drummers and Fripp as frenetic as ever.

Hi and welcome Cariad. :grin:

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Focal Clears are great aren’t they. I too really enjoy mine.


Thanks for the welcome. Regarding the Clears, do you mind me asking if you have tried various headphone amps with them and if so, which do you prefer? Or should I ask this in another thread?


Here is a good place to start with questions.


Yes there is a dedicated Clear thread. But I can try answer your question. I don’t have an extensive collection of Amps to be honest. Definitely not when compared with others in the forum. I have plenty of portable options and my Pioneer XDP-300r Dap, but I only really use my Matrix M-Stage HPA3u Amp/Dac. I only use the Amplifier and use my Dap as Dac and Source. I also have a Topping D50 Dac to run into it if need be as well. My only other Amp I sometimes use is the JD Labs O2 Amp.

Firstly the O2 Amp runs it fine volume wise but it can make it sound a little thinner sounding than the larger more powerful Matrix Amp. Bass is also a little less prominent with the O2 Amp but is still perfectly serviceable. Hope this helps. @Torq is the man to ask.

I have taught him all I know. :grin:


Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry.


newbie here from the pacific wet coast.
i’m also on SABF and headfi…how does this forum differ?

getting back into audio…albeit slowly.
sold a bunch of gear off recently (sonore MR, fostex thx 00) etc
as i seldom listen to just music anymore (not even as much with my kef ls50 w and svs sb2000 sub).
but this exit became temporary when i subscribed to ‘quello’ for a few weeks, enjoying live concerts
on my 65’’ OLED tv, along with my chord mojo (optical out from TV to cans).
so i guess i like the visuals, too, alongside with my music.

am now looking to reenter the cans world: getting a nice pair of cans (MD hfm edition xx, focal clear, zmf auteur etc) and then upgrading my dac/amp with separates.


I would say that it’s a friendlier than either, which is something we intend to actively maintain (no tolerance for aggressive nonsense, guidance away from authoritative/definitive statements about subjective matters).

No manufacturer sponsorship/advertisements - or the ills (perceived and/or real) that come with that. More details about which, and how the site is funded and the ideals behind that can be found here.

Active interest in developing community reviews/reviewers, with an official site-sponsored “Community Preview Program” (gear loan/library - which is being progressively added to) with clearly defined and consistent participation requirements.

There are other differences … but those are some of the major ones.


Welcome @chopstix . Easiest way to say it is much more “Mellower” A great thing for the old farts like me.



Greetings @chopstix!

I definitely agree with these sentiments. This community, albeit significantly smaller, seems more mature and mellower. I’m still pretty active on head-fi and reddit and mostly lurk on SBAF – but there are definitely some recent threads on HF that make my head hurt. Some people are obsessively crazy in drilling their opinions on you. I think most people here are fairly open-minded even if they don’t necessarily agree. I really do enjoy the openness, yet courteous tone here versus some other places.


great thanks gang…very refreshing to hear how this new forum is trying to differentiate itself
…headfi is not a bad place overall…i learned lots there and have some nice connections…
SABF, while its members can be more technically savvy at times, could sometimes come across as a more surly and sour sounding group. i guess is you were an ‘in’ member to the clique, it was different.

let’s hope this group grows in popularity and technical savvy.


New here from Vancouver. I’m Resolve on SBAF and Spandy87 on Head-fi. I do headphone and equipment reviews at Resolve Reviews on youtube (I won’t link for fear of self-promotion guidelines).

My current daily drivers are the ZMF Auteur, AFO, Andromeda, and Nightowl off a Cayin IHA-6 and an iDSD Micro BL. I also have a Schiit stack and a hifiman tube amp that don’t get any use haha.

I’m looking for an opportunity to do more reviews, but of course this hobby gets expensive, so I’m hopeful to get into some loaner programs to keep creating videos and writing content.


Hi @Resolve. Nice to see you joining here. I guarantee you this place is different than that one thread on Head-Fi. lol.

For more information on the Community and the Loaner Program, you can review this link: Welcome to The HEADPHONE Community - READ FIRST


Hi @chopstix and welcome. Hope you enjoy this forum. It’s very friendly and there are some really helpful people around. Enjoy.

I agree head-fi is a great place to learn and pick up information. It has very comprehensive threads and forums on very specific pieces of gear and equipment and is a real help to the community. Though it does have its quirks. As of course we all do.:grin:

Hi @Resolve and welcome. You’ve some nice gear. And of course I can definitely agree what an expensive hobby it can be. I will try catch one of your reviews. Hope you enjoy yourself.

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thanks bud…i’m just getting back into cans and dacs/amps.
so it will be interesting what i end up with.
audeze lcd2c…or focal clear or zmf auteur (too bad one can’t hear the zfm in person however)

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just picked up a set of audeze lcd2c cans…will pair the with my mojo…will be interesting in what the synergy will be like

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