New Here? This Is The Spot To Introduce Yourself

Hi! Just wanted to introduce myself since I have actually asked some questions already in a couple of other threads and got some great answers.
Totally new and just jumping into getting audiophile equipment, mostly because I was lucky enough to purchase a set of the new ZMF VC’s Epoxy Resin Stabilized, and develop my set up from there.


That is a good question. You should AVOID the horrible USB turntables in the under $200 range. They are convenient. And possibly an option if you never wish to listen to your vinyl again…

There are a few DACs that have ADC capability. RME has, I think a high quality 2 channel capability in the RME ADI-2 Pro. In the past, I had used a computer soundcard with OK results. But I’m sure I’d be more critical of that now.

I would expect @Torq to have several solutions.

Hi, as you can see my name is dylan. I play an instrument and have always had a general interest in music but I haven’t done much with audio playback until recently. I don’t see myself interacting much here because I don’t have much to say but it is still nice to introduce myself here


Hello and welcome @Dylan_McGlothlin and @Lacsap_3366.


Hello and welcome @mattg and @vitty.


Thanks for the welcome! Looks like a great community and very much looking forward to my time here :grinning:


@prfallon69 thanks for the welcome!

Hey All,
Just a quick intro about myself. I got sucked into audio when I was in high school. One of my older brother’s friend gave us rides home from school and he had a cool car stereo system with subwoofers. The bass pounding my body and chest was unforgettable and so when I started working and had my own cars, I put a system in each of them. Even in my current car now. Full active 3-way set with surfboard size amps and a Helix DSP. Anyway, 3-4 years ago I started getting into home audio.

Last year during the pandemic I upgraded my Sennheiser 598 to Focal Elegia & Hifiman Ananda. Tried a couple of DAC and amps but ended up with the RME ADI-2 DAC FS. It’s been great so far. Had the itch this year to upgrade / collect some new headphones. I’ve been lurking on here and truly appreciate the smaller but less bs community here. I think Andrew’s reviews and some others on here helped me steer towards the Anandas and Elegia (with EQ of course). Looking forward to reading more but not end up in a big rabbit hole and burning holes in my wallet :wink: