NLFS: Chord Mojo

Bought this from @andris a few weeks ago. I’ve just decided it’s not for me.
It’s in perfect condition and comes with all the original packaging

No longer for sale!

Here’s a link to the original post


Aw man, sorry you didn’t love it. But such is this hobby.

If I may try to help out by saying this is definitely my favorite DAC in its price range (not that I’ve heard every single one, but I’ve heard several), and the only reason I sold it is because I had two! I don’t plan on selling the one I still have :slight_smile:


@Audiophool - in case you’re still looking for one ^^^

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No worries @andris. That’s why it’s fun to buy and sell on the secondary market, so you can try stuff out and (hopefully) sell it at little to no loss if it doesn’t do it for you. I don’t regret buying it from you, just don’t see the point of holding onto it if it’s going to sit in a drawer.

Agreed, 100%! I love doing exactly this, and I’m grateful to have had even the products I didn’t keep come through my house. The experience has helped me become a better critical listener, better be able to define what I do and don’t like, and better be able to triangulate what I’m more likely to like by reading other peoples’ comparisons and thoughts in their own reviews.

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