No longer looking: WTB ZMF Atticus

I am a new member, credible buyer/seller on eBay as mdhveltliner.

I am pretty sure this is the closed back I want, anyone selling a pair let me know. I am not concerned about the wood type. Thank you!

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GLWS! Favorite headphones ever. Blew my socks off at Canjam. There were other headphones more technically impressive, but these are one smooth mid bassy organic monster of an all rounder. If you get the stock Lambskins, consider also picking up Ori suede pads. Turns it into a completely different headphone. Also note ZMF has a lifetime driver warranty, so know what you’re missing out on if you decide to go through with an after market purchase.

SleepyRhythms thank you for the tip, nice to hear positive feedback from someone else who has owned them. I may end up buying them new if a favorable second hand set does not come up. Thanks again.


There’s one for sale on eBay right now, from the UK.

Yes, I saw that one, thank you. I think by the time I add an XLR cable I’d be almost as expensive as new ones direct from ZMF, so I have not offered on that but will consider it. Thanks for the message, this appears to be a really nice community.


I found my dream headphones so looking for how to mark this as ended. I had a nice exchange with Zach at ZMF and he is about to start a run of Verite Closed in Camphor Burl. I am in line…

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