Noble Trident vs. CA Comet/Orion

Wanted to get your honest opinion about these entry-level IEM’s. Obviously the tridents are a little more pricey, but that aside, how do they stack up? I am looking to upgrade to one of these options, and thought I would get some feedback from those who have listened to them. What do you like about them? (Comfort, sound, build etc.) Any information about your setup or what was driving them is helpful too.


I can only speak based on the Comet as the Orion and Tridents I didn’t spend nearly enough time with to form a proper opinion on.

The Comet is OK. Based on sound alone, I think there are better options in its price range. All the added accessories it comes with ups its value in my mind but still not to the point where I would actively recommend it. In my opinion they are pretty bassy but that bass muddies up the mids. @Ishcabible posted some pretty good thoughts here that also includes some frequency response comparisons.

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