Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Which do you think is the loudest over ear Bluetooth headphones, with NC but not only , that has good sound performance? Especially for dance electronic , house music e.t.c

I’ve pretty much owned all the high end ones: H9i, 1000XM2, XM3, QC35ii, and PX. I like the way the H9i sounds the best, especially with EDM. The bass reaches down deep and rattles your balls, while the treble is nice and detailed. It also features a removable battery for device longevity and easy multi-device pairing. You press pause on one device and play in another and it switches over flawlessly.

The XM3 is the best sounding one on a plane. The ANC of the XM3 can’t be beat and really lowers the background noise floor so that the music maintains a lot of dynamic range. Here’s a link to a binaural recording I made while in the air comparing the QC35ii, H9i, and XM3.

If you’re traveling a lot, I recommend the XM3. If not, the H9i is hard to beat.


We’ve tried all of the last generation of stuff and we have the H9 at home. I also really liked the Sony one for ANC capability and sound. The H9 was really for my fiancee, and she preferred it over the others for comfort and style. She’s a glasses wearer too and that factored in. She found the Sony’s ANC and pressure hurt her ears.


Thank you my friend for all the infos …I’ll definitely give the H9i a try then… Hope they re quite loud. Much appreciated. I was thinking about the momentum 2.0 wireless as well but I have read lots of reviews saying that they do not get too loud.

Thank you dude. You re the second one mentioning H9 and Sony anc …For sure I’ll give them a try. Many thanks

I’ll throw in a good word for the Sony WH-1000XM3.

The ANC is as good as I’ve heard, the battery life is fantastic, and they sound as good or better as any Bluetooth/ANC headphone I’ve tried (which includes the two earlier Sony iterations, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0/HD1 models, all of the Bose units, and so on).

When I still want ANC but need something smaller, the Bose QC20i are my go-to.

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Thank you. Sony w-1000xm3 are very popular and it seems that they deserve a try as well, how is the loudness though?

Oh shoot. I missed that in your post. The H9i gets loud enough for me, but the XM3 gets louder. If that’s all you care about, the XM3 might be a better fit. I still own both. The H9i for the ground and the XM3 for the air. They’re both very popular models and you shouldn’t have any problems finding either nearby for audition.

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You got me even more intrigued in to the xm3’s…Great! Thanks again!

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We’re talking about hearing damaging volume levels here. Even if you’ve spent too much time standing right next to the speakers at raves, I wouldn’t recommend listening at those volumes. Worried about you, bud.


I created an official thread for discussing the Sony WH-1000XM3, here.

Rather than attempt to describe how loud they’ll play - I went ahead and actually measured them. You can read the details here (second half of the post). This was done playing via Bluetooth (so using the headphone’s internal DAC and amp) via both AAC and aptX.

Essentially, with a full-level signal (I measured with a -3 dBFS source signal, for reference purposes - so you can add 3 dB to the values shown), they’ll hit 120 dB at max volume. As @MCM says, that’s hearing-damaging, and painful, levels - so they’re more than capable of playing loud enough, and if you find they’re not the problem is with your source/material:


This is so professional. Indeed, these do seem to accomplish their task in a perfect way. Yes , @MCM is right. But , I never intended to listen that crazy loud for long periods. It’s just that all the Bluetooth headset I ve tried till now are not that really loud enough for electronic music. Where do you download your music from and what kind of device you use? I’m just thinking that the problem of all the tests I have made with different phones is my android phone. I m using an app for downloading my music called mp3 music downloader!

I generally either buy CDs, rip them, and then file the original (after tossing out the jewel case) off-site, or I buy from places like HD Tracks, artist’s own web-sites, and when/where they offer lossless downloads sometimes various artist portals like Band Camp and Sound Cloud.

I do not buy anything that isn’t at least losslessly encoded (i.e. CD, FLAC, ALAC or WAV at Redbook rates or better). Anything that isn’t lossless is only streamed - and rarely then - via either TIDAL or Apple Music.

I use a variety of different devices if I’m using Bluetooth headphone, ranging from an iPhone XS, iPad Pro 11", MacBook, MacBook Pro or my Sony NW-WM1Z (in LDAC mode).

Probably worth noting that I only use Bluetooth headphones for any kind of music listening if I also need the ANC - which typically means I’m on a plane or a boat, or I’m just walking at lunch (and that’s usually using AirPods).

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If you don’t care about anc, the Audeze Mobius is an easy pick for a great Bluetooth headphone. It has a 1W amp to power it and more tech in it to keep you busy


Sony XM3 are very popular, I’ve not heard them yet sadly

but the Sennhesier HD hd 4.50 btnc are what I use! Quite nice, think they are as low as $100 these days

Resolves review of the SONY XM4:

and the written review here:

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