PS Audio Power Plant Deals (posted 10-2-20)


Saw his video today. I was sure it was about some MKT material but now it makes sense. Thanks!

I received an email from PSA with the notification. I already have a P12 and a P5 (the prior version) so I wont be buying one, but this is good pricing on regenerators. The Power Play feature was down for a long time due to server problems. They’ve restored it and it tracks voltage, Distortion (both from the wall and corrected) wattage used and temperature of the Power Plant.


Nice. 1200VA (the P12) seem like to fit most rigs with a bunch of different headphone amplifiers.

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The P12 is plenty for my full system. Mutlichannel amp is Class D, so not a bunch of wattage used. They also make a smaller Regenerators, but they are not upgradable, and it doesn’t connect to the internet, so these tools aren’t available.

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I have a Stellar Power Plant 3, and it made an immediately noticeable improvement in my system. I’d never go back to not having one. I connect my Woo WA5-LE, Hugo 2, and custom NUC w/ Roon ROCK to the Power Plant, all driving Focal Utopias. For a highly-resolving system, this should be high on peoples’ lists.

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The Stellar PP is great for a headphone system.

I was considering one when they were in the development process…Very nice device.

For those looking for a used option, one just popped up on Ebay for a reasonable price:

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That’s a fair price. I’ve seen them sub $1500 a few times on some of the Audio Flea Markets. I checked the ebay ad and the party selling the Stellar PP is upgrading to a P-12.

There is Make Offer option on that ad…

Another on eBay for $1500:

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