Questions & Comments about Roon

Good day/evening, so I just got roon on Black Friday. Even though I am rarely using headphones these days I purchased two streamers, a Pi2AES for my media/theater room and Volumio Primo for my living room.

Really didn’t fully understand how this works, so I set up my pc as a roon core. However when I am in my living room I do not have my pc on, nor do I leave it on all the time.

So when I try to use roon when the PC is off you are not able to, I guess the roon core has to remain on for it to function. Which is where my problem is, I am guessing I have to build or buy a dedicated active roon core.

Is this all accurate? If I want to use roon the roon core has to be powered on? No way to get around this?

I will check out PaisleyUnderground’s roon forum link. Is there anyway to get this solved without spending a lot of money?

Yes, you need to have the ROON core active in order to use it. With an active core, I can run the music transport to any attached DAC, to my SONOS, to computers and android or I-devices on my local net. For me, the database is at least as important as the music transport. It’s particularly nice when reading the Jazz History book our group is reading. I used to run the ROON core on a Mac mini that I rarely turned off. Now I run it on my MacBook Pro.

Having it on the pro lets me take the core with me, and I can read the Jazz History on Kindle, search performances in the database and listen either with headphones directly (the MacBook Pro internal DAC isn’t bad) or via an outboard DAC.

I had seriously considered running a dedicated core, but this solution works better for me. I think the fully dedicated core appeals to people who want to do a minimum of configuring.


So I maybe confusing the roon core with a music server. But does it matter if the roon core is a noisy gaming pc? My friend gave me one his old crappy computers or should be a minimal design.

Not sure if noise travels over the network or if the core is even transmitting the music, but my current PC is probably far more noisy and I use it. Honestly have had no issues I am aware of or that it’s creating. Not sure how the core functions

That’s beyond my level of expertise, and probably depends on what kind of noisy. Some people keep their core machines in distant rooms or closets because of physical noise. I have always run my cores or physically quiet machines - Mac mini or MacBook Pro. I have a much noisier old gamer laptop that I would never want to use if I was going to attach a DAC to that beast. But It would probably work just fine if I was running to endpoints physically distant.

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Rob Watts says to feed his DACs with a basic signal and let the DAC do the upsampling. Do you feel that the Qutest sounds better in your setup when fed an already upsampled signal? I am doing Roon (no changes other than its 16 to 64 bit float) into HQP into Qutest. Obviously my listening will make my decision, but I was wondering what you had come up with, and what HQP settings you are using.

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