RAAL Requisite SR1a, HSA1b, Schiit Jot R and Silver Cable

Price: Listed below
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

I’m selling my RAAL Requisite SR1a package. We have to move out for a remodel and I need to downsize my system. I’m sticking with headphones that plug directly into my DAC to simplify.

I’m the original owner and all of these items were purchased directly from RAAL Requisite. All are in great shape. All will be shipped in the original packaging from RAAL Requisite. I’ve had the SR1a earspeakers and Jot R for over a year, the HSA1b amp and silver cable for less than a year.

The items listed below can be sold individually or all together for $6,250.

  • SR1a + Schiit Jot R amplifier: $2650 – sold only together since they both come in the same Pelican case. Includes standard cable and Jot R manual.
  • SOLD HSA1b amplifier: $2850
  • Studio Reference silver cable, 7feet: $650

Payment is by PayPal. I’ll cover FedEx Ground shipping and PP fees. Deepening on where you are in the CONUS, you can cover the shipping cost difference between Ground and expedited, if you prefer that.

Not interested in trades.