Raal Requisite Sr1a w/ Jotunheim-R $3200 shipped (in US)

Raal sr1a headphone with jotunheim R amplifier.

Excellent condition. Barely visible scuff on upper left of Jotuneheim (see pic). Very light usage (though I did about 12 hours of burn-in at sensible volumes with a mixture of white noise, pink noise and music). Sounds amazing, incredible tool for mixing for audio professionals as well. Comes with headphone cable and case. Including tax these go for 4.2k new. No DAC in this one. Price is in USD. Paypal works best for me. Will ship beyond US if buyer pays extr897ca9cafb17171ab8e12c69b6cb52d7a1edee76_2_666x500 f5530f7324bc9a7fcf93b984db1d54c35ca92aa9_2_666x500 a shipping.


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More pics (btw, that last one isn’t a dangerous angle, it’s lying flat, just hard to tell as pic rotated).