Review Resources

I’m making this thread as a thread to link to some of the more useful review resources out there. I can update with suggestions of course. Going to leave this for written content as we do already have a youtube thread.

  1. The HEADPHONE Community Review Index. @Torq has created and curated the wonderful reviews from The HEADPHONE Community that have been posted here as well as on the main website. If you haven’t taken a look over there already, we would highly recommend going through.

  2. Reviews. Following that there is obviously the reviews which features reviews from this community. Most can be found in the index but not all are there. We also have a new measuring rig coming in soon that @Resolve has been working toward for a long time now. Look for that in the future! Also, there’s The HEADPHONE Show if that is more your style.

  3. Audio Discourse. @antdroid, @toranku, and a few others have Audio Discourse which is a rebrand of the old Antdroid website. They have a great IEM measurement database, podcasts and plenty of IEM, DAP and headphone reviews.

  4. Headphones N Stuff. @ufospls2 has a great review site where you can find most flagship headphones as well as amps and DACs.

  5. In-Ear Fidelity. Well-know IEM reviewer Crinacle runs In-Ear Fidelity where you will find one of the larger IEM review databases as well as measurements.

  6. Headfonia. Matty from Headfonia was recently on The HEADPHONE Show. They don’t dive into measurements from what I can tell but you do get the ins and outs of the gear as well as their impressions.

  7. InnerFidelity. Obviously things haven’t been smooth over there since Tyll’s departure and they still haven’t got back to what made them successful in the past. But Grover Neville has great writing chops and I would recommend checking out his articles that he’s done for them.

  8. RTings. They have an interesting review process and while their scoring system can put people off, their measurements are useful and from what I’ve heard, they are looking to do interesting things with their measurements.

If there are others out there that people use I will be happy to add them to the list! Just send me a PM along with what you like about the review site and what they bring to the table.