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I just double checked and it had very little effect on channel matching, at least nothing that couldn’t be attributed to slight coupling differences. I even tried swapping the cable to the other side and found little to no difference in the bass.

Here’s the result with the plug in:

It’s honestly close enough that this likely won’t play a role in channel perception when worn on an actual human head.


Have you had a chance to measure the Shure SRH840A with your rig?
I saw the review yesterday via DMS but was wondering if you have measurements also.

Regarding the Rode, it seems the CAL has a more balanced sound :slight_smile: Especially the new SE version.

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@Resolve ’s video review of the RODE NTH-100 is now live. Watch out Shakira, Resolve is here instead.


“What did I do with the headphones?” Thank you so much for not editing this out. Had to clean the coffee off of my tablet. :blush:


RTINGs has just posted RØDE NTH-100 Headphones Review with their usual assessments and measurments. Spoiler: they scored low for wireless gaming and phone calls.
Results seems to be consistent with most folks’ observations despite a driver mismatch in the tested unit.

I’ve been enjoying mine with my Fosi Audio P1 tube pre-amp with Voskhod 6J1P-EV pentode tubes between my Topping E30 amd L30. Photos of these components are in the album.
While I have no tube amp, a man with a camera on his head reports that the NTH-100 does nothing special, as expected from a low impedance fairly sensitive headphone.

Since I shared my positive experience with these. Here’s an update:

The locking mechanism broke. It actually happened only shortly after my last posts in this thread right after I got them.

One day I grasped the earcups and lifted them off my ears just enough to remove them and it snapped.

The part is not replaceable. Even though the hole looks like an allen key, there’s a rivet in there. They’re non repairable.

The rest of the build and materials seemed so good that I don’t know what the deal was with that. The part was EXTREMELY brittle.

I am so gentle and careful with my stuff and tend not to ever drop or snag that if something breaks that I own it’s proof that it’s defective.

I talked to RODE and they offered to replace if I pay to ship my pair off to them at my cost, but I have been too busy.

If they don’t revise that material drastically, these are pretty much useless in spite of all of the good things about them.

I am seeing a pattern with some of the headphones that I have bought over the last few years where the plastics are so terrible they can’t survive the most gentle and careful handling and use. I can’t even imagine them surviving a user that sometimes drops or snags sometimes.

I owned an ATHM50 that I used daily for a decade and it was made completely of plastic and they have a new owner now and they’re still fine. Too bad they didn’t sound good lol. Everyone else needs to get on that level. except with better sound.

If I get a replacement I’ll ask if they have revised the material, if they haven’t, there’s no way anyone should buy these at all despite how good everything else about them is for a simple field recording headphone where I found them the most useful.


Mine hasn’t snapped yet, but one of the locks has cracks. If you google it, it’s becoming a common problem with NTH-100.