Schiit Folkvangr OTL amp

I see that Jason Stoddard only expects 5000 hours out of the tubes running in a Folkvangr, so that’s a consideration too.

Any folkvangr owners compared it to the new cayin (HA-3A)? Its in a similar price point but I must admin I am inclined to lean toward Cayin over Schiit at this price and packaging.


I think this completely depends on headphones and your chain. One has transformers and the other doesn’t. One will play well with a different set of headphones than the other. My experience is that people comparing price primarily are looking for something that might work across a wider range of things.

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As a US citizen, I wouldn’t consider a Chinese amp at this price point. I would be hard pressed to consider expensive European equipment, unless the manufacturer had repair facilities in the US.

It’s a topsy-turvy world we live in.

True balanced for a tube amp is an unusual choice because the tube character comes from pleasant harmonics (ie distortion) and balanced design aims to reduce distortion.

It kind of works against the reason you buy a tube amp.

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If anyone out there happens to have a Folkvangr and a ZMF Verite Open, I would love to hear your thoughts :+1: :sunglasses:

I can’t imagine it wouldn’t make a great pairing, but any data would be appreciated! :laughing:

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Sooooo I stopped by The Schiitr on my way back to Phoenix from CA (shout out to Will for all of his help). I got ears on the Folkvangr, Lyr+, and Valhalla using my Sennheiser HD 800 S. I already own a Lyr+. End result: I just ordered a Folkvangr. Is it the best sounding tube amp in this price range? I wouldn’t know as I don’t have access to the competition. But I was impressed enough that I had to own one. This amp rocks! I’ve never heard Tool sound so impactful.

May Odin have mercy on my soul :joy:


yo dawg tube amp


Use the stock tubes for a month, order some tungsram e88cc red label, and enjoy.


Crazy right?… I’m still so enamored with the 800s + Folkvangr that I choose it more often than my new amp (Envy)and Susvara….not saying it’s a better amp but the synergy there is nuts. I honestly don’t feel like anything is lacking with the 800s or that there’s any brightness in this combination. Bass can be really great when its called for….I don’t find it lacking at all.
It sounded good from the start but once the tubes burned in and I rolled in some pairs of input tubes it is just fantastic.
I wouldn’t bother messing with the 6n6’s. I got about 50 of them from different decades and 8 of the “fotons” and I honestly can’t discern any meaningful differences.

The 6n1p’s though…!! There is some real benefits to gain with some NOS pairs here. Big improvements in bass, staging, dynamics. Holy holographics Batman!!!
I’m going back and forth with a couple pairs of Amperex 7308’s, some RTC E188CC’s, Tungsram E88cc, Valvo E88cc and others.

I get so little listening time anymore that figuring out the differences between them all may never happen. They all sound good. If anything I would say just slightly differing flavors of “Great”!! Just experiment with some from trusted sources. Which includes members here who have hooked me up with some fantastic used tubes!

I think you’re going to love your new amp…congrats!!:notes::notes::notes:


There was a discussion early on about DAC pairings for the Folkvangr… what have you found works well / not well? I have a BF2, Yggy LIM, and Gumby all on hand so I can experiment with all those, but they are very happy in their systems and are likely to go back to where they are so I will either need to get a new DAC or sell my MJ2, which I very much doubt I’ll be willing to do. Would love to benefit from this group’s experience thus far. Am very open-minded, and would like to use this opportunity to move beyond Schiit and don’t really want to own “doubles” of anything.


Since I only have a Bifrost 2 and the Folkvangr at the Schiitr is connected to a Yggdrasil, I briefly tried it on both. To me they sounded the same but I wasn’t listening for nuanced differences. I was just confirming that the difference I was hearing from the Lyr+ and Valhalla 2 was the amp and not the DAC.


What differences did you notice between Lyr and Valhalla 2? What headphones were you using?

I was interested as I have Valhalla 2 hooked up to Yggy for ZMFs and HD650, and a Lyr 3 kind of doing nothing at the moment.

The Valhalla 2 seemed more spacious than the Lyr+. But the bass was a bit flabby and the imaging was not as precise. I preferred the Lyr+. I was using the Sennheiser HD 800 S.

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And Folkvangr is sold out… both black & silver…


When does your Folkvangr arrive? I’m curious to hear your impressions of it versus the MJ2 with planars - I’m using my Lyr+ with my LCD-Xs and setting aside my FV for higher impedance headphones.

Also, what serial numbers do we all have? Mine is 350234.


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I ordered on the first day and I’ve got 350070.

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I ordered Oct 29th and got 350233 :relieved:


I placed my order on October 19 so I think they just went with which boxed Folkvangr was on top since mine is the next one numerically.



According to Jason Stoddard, there are 6 left on B-stock / closeout…

Last chance!