Shinola Canfield Pro In Ear IEMS - 75% off

I really need some opinions here. Has anyone had experience with these (guess a big fat no
). These were designed and tuned in collaboration with Campfire Audio so they can be somewhat promising. However a demoed their headphones on ear and over ear and they were abysmal. No where near worth the $600 price tag those held. Muddy and veiled is the overall impression I left with after hearing those.

But IEMs are a different game and with Campfire in the mix it’s got me interested… worth a shot?

At their retail price of $495 I would say probably not. At that discounted price though, they are cheaper than someting like the Comet and are in the 1More range for pricing. So as long as they sound decent I don’t think it’s a bad purchase. From what I have seen regarding them, their build quality is outstanding and they should last you a while but their sound quality is pretty meh at best.


It’s interesting. The product page on Shinola’s site says it’s go 2 BAs, 1 tweeter, and 1 woofer.

I’ve never heard of a tweeter in an iem

That’s just marketing lingo for BAs, as many people don’t understand they have narrow frequency ranges and require multiple drivers. In my experience 2 BA products generally cut off either the top or bottom frequency range. They may also be peaky in some frequency bands.

I used to own the $250 Massdrop X Noble X Universal IEMs – also 2 BAs. They were very bright, thin, and hollow sounding. I sold them for a 50% loss – which is perhaps fair value for brand name 2 BA products today.

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In case anyone wanted to know what they sound like compared to CA’s lineup. Here is a response from CA

“They are closest to Jupiter although they’re not quite as resolving nor do they have the spatial qualities.”

The Noble X was not a very good IEM.

The couple reviews for this Shinola have been mixed.