SOLD: 5U4G Rectifier Tube x 2

5U4G Rectifier Tube x 2

Price: $300.00

Currency: USD

Ships to: CONUS

These were both rolled into a DNA Stratus, bought a bunch of rectifier tubes to try out and of the lot these are being cut based on synergy with stock 2A3 power and 6N1P input tubes.

Tube #1: EML Mesh 5U4G New Production

Tube #2: Tung Sol 5U4G Vintage Tube (NOS would indicate it was not used, has low hours under 75) purchased from Brent Jessee as NOS

I will cover PayPal, you cover shipping of your choosing.

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Are those still available? I am very interested in buying these! I have same user name musicj on headfi.