SOLD Ampsandsound Nautilus

Ampsandsound Nautilus.

The title says it all. This is a reference tier headphone/speaker amp that is one of best amps I’ve ever seen. I’m glad I was able to buy it almost new and used for close to one year. Great

Endgame amp that will drive a wide array of headphones making this a great amp for your whole collection and built to last a lifetime.

-shipped in a huge sturdy seahorse case

-comes with extra tubes on top of ones seen in the pictures.

-housed in a clean home with no smoking, pets or children.

-stored in a room primarily for audio.

  • used with a gentle touch and in great condition.

  • hard to find! Ampsandsound owner Justin is one of the best boutique companies to deal with. He is a treasure to the audio world.

-this is a giant-killer, why? because it is the Giant! Make way for the Great Nautilus!!

Why am I selling? I need money! I wish I didn’t need to sell, but credit bills are mounting and I can only own one amp nowadays.

Price: $6,700 net to me. This retails close to $10k. Very rare to find on the used market!!

Also, part of this sale with go to fund helping the homeless locally. If you buy this, I will keep you up to date on that if you would like.


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