Sold: Audeze Isine20 w/ cypher cable

Price is $250

Comes with the cypher cable, I think it’s the v2 but not sure exactly.

Posting this on Us Audio Mart too as my Valhalla 2 sold quickly there last week


This looks like a good chance to try a higher level IEM that I’ve been looking for. You have a message!
And I appreciated reading through the thread on this IEM. I’m in Apple ecosystem, for phones at least, so the Cipher cable is a must.

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Adorama has another sale with several Audeze models. The i10 and i20.

Nice to know, but that is B stock with the standard audio cable. I’d rather get quality used. And I’d like to support people here.

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Thank you for your support. Mine has the cypher cable which costs close to $100 itself.
I sent you a message back

Sorry- wasn’t trying to undercut anyone. Simply informing everyone of another sale.

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No harm, no foul. But there is a topic for DEALs which is the place to post that.


With a name like “Interceptor” – HMMMM? :wink: Just kidding. :grin:

That was perfect.


Sorry- didn’t know that.