SOLD: Audiolab 6000A Play Integrated Amp/DAC/Headphone Amp

Price: 900
Currency: USD

For sale is the Audiolab 6000A Play Integrated Amp. This amp is a 50 Watt speaker amp with dedicated ESS Sabre 9018 DAC and a dedicated headphone amplifier with low output impedance!

This unit also has wifi-streaming capabilities with DTS-Play Fi built-in and latest firmware, as well as Bluetooth streaming.

I’ve only had it for 3 months and used it primarily with Susvara as a speaker tap → headphones though I also used it a lot with the HD600 with the headphone amp section of this unit and it sounds pretty great.

Selling because I just spend a lot more money on some bacon.


I take it the susvara/bacon were good together…they say everything’s better with :bacon: :wink:


bacon and susvara is a nice combo. :slight_smile: