SOLD Bottle Head Crack with Speedball $300

Hi Everyone,

$300 plus shipping, Venmo or PayPal F&F (no fees)

I recently took this in trade for another amp.

The amp works and I include pictures here of its construction and included tubes. The case is pretty rough but I suspect the new owner could sand and paint/stain no problem.

I did not build the amp and cannot speak to the design or execution. In the interest of full disclosure, I will state that with this amp (and likely all OTL amps) it is important to let tubes warm up before plugging in headphones. I damaged my Eikon with this amp by plugging in immediately after changing the power tube and getting a loud pop. I did test the amp after the incident with other headphones and it works great. I believe the issue was operator error (me) and not the amp. The previous owner used the amp routinely, with better practices, and had no issues.

The 6080 is a Bendix, and the boxes for the 12AU7 are labelled as Tung Sol, and the other as Sylvania Black Plate D-Getter, but I cannot and do not verify authenticity of the 12AU7 as the lettering is worn on both.

Anyway, I am selling this for less than the cost of parts and make no statements regarding its construction etc. Please view the photos as a part of the full description.

Please feel free message me directly with any other questions.

Thank you


Still for sale, the buyer decided to go with my Sonett insead.

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SOLD to a really friendly guy in London

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