Sold Corpse Cable for Rosson Rad-0

Price: 100.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

I have a 10 foot Corpse Cable (standard not Gravedigger) for Rosson Rad-0s. I have a couple of other cables for my Rads so I don’t need this one.

My asking price includes paypal fees and shipping in CONUS

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This be balanced XLR?

Yes. Sorry I didn’t mention that.

Is there something special about the Rad-0 connection or is it just a dual 3.5 ? If it’s a normal 3.5 and it’ll work w/ Focal, HFM….I’d be interested. Don’t have a Rad though.

I’ve heard that they wire them a little different but I’ll try to check a bit later.

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Yeah, I found something….they are different. Bummer!

Ok. Cool that you found info. Bummer that they made them different. The corpse cable has the connectors totally heatshrinked too so it wouldn’t be easy to rewire them.

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Correct, RAD 0s are not standard 3.5 - wired differently!

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