SOLD Dan Clark Audio Stealth $2525


These are priced to sell fast, I have a big purchase coming.

I am the second owner.

There are two cosmetic blemishes of note: as pictured and circled, a smudge on the left ear cup. I have pictured twice with increased contrast to highlight. This in no way impacts the performance. Also, the left ear pad is slightly more compressed than the right. I do not know if it came like this originally or was due to an extended time compressed. It also has no impact on performance and does not rest on the head differently that it would otherwise, but it is fully disclosed and pictured here. Also pictured, one small snag in the headphone sleeving.

Includes original cases, both the innovative small carrying case and large leather display case, arguably the nicest in the industry. XLR Vivo cable, and original packaging. Stand not included.

If you have not heard these or are on the fence, feel free to PM me for more detailed impressions, but I categorize these as neutral, reference level closed back. Although IMO they do not need it, they take EQ very well and especially a bass shelf as they are very detailed in bass but linear. The innovations at work here eliminate resonances so there is no bloat anywhere. Just the facts. If you are looking for a warm & fuzzy closed back, look elsewhere. Here you get reference level detail, surprisingly open, transparent sound for a closed back. For sub-bass dominated genre, they take a bass shelf like a champ and can slam quite well. And they are incredibly light and comfortable, unusual for a closed back, with great isolation.

Zelle is preferred or PayPal F&F only. I have good references here and elsewhere so will not pay fees, but you can add 3% if you prefer it. $2525 price includes FedEx insured shipping. I am in town all week and can ship immediately.

Happy listening!


will you please share the unedited picture or real picture in your hands with bright backgroung