SOLD: Decware Taboo MK IV


Price: 2400
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

WTS 2018 Model Taboo MkIV, 20th Anniversary model with Type II Beeswax Bypass Modification added.
$2365 cash or $2400 shipped via USPS and Zelle funds transfer.

Local cash sale in VA, DC or MD preferred. Zelle electronic fund transfer if shipping out of state. Amplifier can be unpackaged for local listening/test session if desired on both high efficiency speakers and headphones.

—This sale will include 4 various rectifiers for you to play with and an additional semi-custom Padauk wood base to swap out for the original black fancy figured wood that has taken on some character blemishes over the years from the previous owner. The actual amplifier plates are in perfect condition.—

Email direct at



Sorely tempted here …

The Taboo MK III, driving “Anax” modded HD800, were a big factor in dragging me back into the headphone hobby. The MK IV is even better …

The custom Padauk base is lovely.

Price is more than reasonable.

And these things now have an 18-month to 2-year wait list …

So, I’d be all over this, “just because”, but I won’t do “Zelle” for anything that’s not an in-person transaction (in which case, I’d just do cash anyway). And I wouldn’t trust USPS for any shipment over $500 (even with insurance).

If you want to talk PayPal G&S, and Fedex/UPS (to FL), for the same price … ping me. Assuming it has stepped attenuators for the volume controls (I’m not doing it with regular pots; it’d drive me nuts trying to get proper channel balance).


Depending on what part of Florida, I’ll hand deliver, I’m visiting the first of the month. Fedex or UPS is fine though.
For stepped attenuation though it would have to go back direct to Decware, I’m sorry this model has the smooth pots as that was the original owners preference and I took what was available. :cry:. On a good note, Decware has been turning around pieces in a matter of 2-3 weeks that go in for upgrades and repairs. I’ll shoot you a PM, on the off chance you care for that option. Thank you for your interest :hugs:

The Taboo continues to be available for sale to any individual who would like to experience its unique and lovely sound signature.

Unfortunately it has the smooth volume Pots BUT for those who may not be aware, DECWARE has both a wonderful and reasonably priced lifetime warranty transfer policy to a new owner, they will, for a fee, also make any upgrades you desire to their product, hand select and match fresh tubes for you, again for reasonable charges, thoroughly inspect and test the equipment and then ship it to you directly basically factory fresh.

I have taken advantage of this service with both my own used Rachael, 341.5 and CSP2 amplifiers and it makes it a wonderful plus to purchasing used from people. I am happy to assist in the process and work w/ Decware to ship the amplifier directly to them so that you too can have a custom piece w/ your name on it :hugs:

Amplifier continues to be for sale under the same terms, I am not a business, just an enthusiast who is happy to pass on a piece that is currently superfluous to my collection. i am also happy to accept a check or money order on this transaction. PayPal really is for people who treat this like a business and really, that’s not me, i just like HiFi gear :pinched_fingers:

For those with even a hint of worry, don’t.
Nick is one of the good guys out there and I can say with 100% confidence no one will treat you better and care for the gear better than him. Buy with confidence.

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