Sold Decware Taboo MKIV

Price: 2850
Currency: us
Ships to: us
Excellent condition, lots of tubes, includes shipping

I’ve added a checkout for the pricing and options for this amp. It has the xlr balanced input and balanced out. I don’t know if this is the poly or copper bypass.

cellophane wrapped tubes are new russian old stock output tubes. I had 24 total, opened up a couple to make sure working as intended. The ones I opened were stapled and never opened before. Several rectifiers and old stock input tubes. Enough tubes to try and not have to buy tubes for a very long time.

Also included is a Cullen 2.5m xlr cable


For anyone wondering current wait time on these is 12 months, with the additional employees they recently hired maybe they get the wait time down to 10 months, more orders going in every week.
You can also pay to have the lifetime warranty transferred to you at Decware and they will go over the amplifier and make sure it is 100% operational along with matching new tubes to it as part of the warranty transfer.
GLWS, this is a great amp.


It’s run flawless with no issues for quite a few months, I’ve kept this the longest and if I wasn’t ready to walk away from the hobby, this would stay with me. The meters work with no issues and really let you know when the tubes are warmed up and also lets you know how they perform. I’ve used with amp with only ZMF headphones.

I’ve talked with Steve and he’s more than willing to take care of his amps and welcomes you to the family

The 24 russian output tubes are preferred by steve. I have yet to try any el84’s which are other options but I have stuck with what steve suggested.

I’ll try to get more pictures of the tubes, the majority of the tubes have very little time on them. A few of them are from Brent Jesse. Between rectifier, output and input tubes, as I’ve said above, you have years to decades with of tubes.

As this is a balanced input and output amp, the xlr is the preferred. The cullen cable is around $135 and gives you the length to place it around your setup.

I really like the separate volume control but if you have a dac with a pre amp with volume control, you can of course bypass this option but it also helps you balanced or center your music if a recording is a little heavier to the left or right ear.

With included fees and shipping, I ship through ups insured for 3100, that will total around 210/220 or more as I’ll have to ship the extras including the tubes seperate, bringing the shipping and fees over 300. Starting price for this amp is 2295 (between 50 and 60 for basic shipping) with no balanced input, you can wait for this option and save yourself some money…


I decided to add this as a response so I could describe the pic. The white boxes in the upper left are input tubes, 6n1p. The 7308 jan phillips input tubes. The is a 6922 old stock input tube. two 7308 RTC tubes from Brent Jesse. Old stock 5u4g rectifier. Three of the twenty four output tubes in the green box’s are in this pic. Realistic 5ar4 rectifier. And two rca rectifier that I’ve always kind of favored.


Found two more input tubes (don’t know why I say found when they were sitting on my desk)

So an updated count

4 rectifiers
5 6N1P input tubes
5 7308 input tubes (3 rtc e188cc 2 jan phillips)
2 phillips 6922
26 6n15n-eb output tubes


That’s a really good price, especially with the balanced input. Should sell in a snap.

You would think that would be the case but people see the initial page where it shows 2295 (that’s the Decware site before you put it in your cart, once in your cart, add xlr, then you see where the price adds up) and asking why so much? So if you don’t know the amp and configurations, sure, it’s quite a bit. Then take into consideration you don’t have to search for tubes for years to come and a quality xlr cable. But it’s an investment and anything under 1k doesn’t take as much thought but you start getting this price range and higher, it takes more consideration. It’s been my favorite over the last year of all the amps I’ve owned.

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Then there’s the year-long wait.

What are you replacing it with, if I may ask?

walking away from the hobby. Using apple beats when I want to listen to something. Maybe I’ll use a couple bucks towards UE fits, maybe not…

Wow. A tear to the eye! Whatever the reason–the best to you!


@royiko Interesting looking amp. I’m guessing from the pics it’s Balanced input only and a single balanced out for headphones? My understanding the single ended version has 2 SE outputs with separate volume control, if I read correctly. With the XLR balanced out, are both volume controls used to set output level or just one?


Two se inputs or balanced input with a selector to choose between the two. Balanced is tied to one of the se inputs. Only balanced out. Two volume controls control the left and right channel separately. Addition pot controls lucid mode, how much of the left channel can be heard in the right and Vice verse to simulate listening to floor standing speakers.

Wow, what a beautiful amp, plus it seems like a great deal! Especially with all the tubes.

I wish I could swing it, but it’s not to be… This would be on my shortlist of endgame amps though, along with say DNA Stellaris or Feliks Envy. This is a much less expensive option to boot.

Good luck going forward, don’t forget to enjoy the music! :grinning:

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