SOLD: ECP Beezar Audio Torpedo III Differential Hybris Parafeed Headphone Amplifier

I just bought this from Beezar Audio. I kind of bought it on a whim since they aren’t available anymore. But (there’s always a but) shortly after the purchase I was given an opportunity to buy a very special ZMF Aeolus, so I’m thinking of selling this to restore the balance between Yin and Yang.

Please let me know if you’re interested. I bought it for $1100 but I’ll sell it for $750.00 or make an offer

***NOTE: This one-of-a-kind, RED-anodized T3 is the personal T3 used by Beezar Audio and was personally assembled by TomB of Beezar Audio. it’s only been slightly used, mostly at a couple of headphone meets. All ECP/Beezar Audio approved upgrades/tweaks are installed on this Beezar/ECP Audio T3. Photos are of the actual amplifier (where else is there a RED T3?)! ***

  • Special Mullard Tubes!
  • Cinemag nickel-core output transformers
  • Mundorf MCap Aluminum-Silver Parafeed Capacitors
  • Tube CCS boards
  • Output CCS boards

Interested if available! Can’t send a PM for some reason.