SOLD: ECP T4 Tube Parafeed Amplifier

Price: $SOLD00
Ships to:CONUS

Selling for SOLD with original accessories. Prefer PayPal and I will pay PP fees and USPS shipping.

Price Includes the following tubes:

2 matched sets NOS 12AT7 Mullard CV4024 from TubeDepot. One set slightly used and one unused.

2 matched sets NOS 12ATL Mullard from Brent Jesse. One set slightly used and one unused. These are wonderful tubes in this amp!

Love the amp but I have to raise some funds temporarily due to a mixup with the VA that will probably take months to straighten out. In the meantime I’m going to have to be content with a cheaper amp.


Seriously good deal! This is my current favorite amp right now! Those mullards thrown in as well make this a fantastic deal… this better get scooped up real quick


Good luck with the sale, but more importantly, I hope everything gets squared away.

Good luck, and God bless.


Thanks, it will get squared away. I’m just annoyed that I sent them the correct info, all the info they asked for, 9 months ago and stayed in touch to see if they needed anything else. Then they made a decision on half the information and said they needed another form to consider the rest.

But hey people are dealing with worse in 2020.