SOLD: Empire Ears Zeus XR (ADEL) (w/ ALL ADEL Modules) - $1,395

Price: $1,395
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

These are now SOLD!

Selling my Empire Ears Zeus XR (ADEL) Universal IEMs with a complete set of ADEL modules.

Switchable signatures (Zeus X vs. Zeus R) with the cross-over switch on each IEM, and further tunable with the different ADEL modules.

These have been my go-to neutral/reference IEM for a couple of years now. But now I want a custom IEM for that role (I already have the tia Fourté for my “fun” universal IEM). I am a big fan of ADEL (and APEX) vented IEMs for long-term listening comfort.

Well kept, cleaned after each use, kept in their original case with always-fresh desiccant (so no moisture concerns). They’re cosmetically and functionally perfect and sound fantastic. If EE would convert them to customs, I’d just do that.

These come with:

  • Original packaging (w/ outer box, plastic case, desiccant pod and cleaning tool)
  • All original tips (except the medium spin-fits)
  • Whiplash Audio 3.5mm TRS cable (as shown)
  • ADEL B1 Module
  • ADEL G1 Module
  • ADEL MAM Module (adjustable)

Updated pictures (“Galaxy Swirl” faceplates, “Purple Smoke” shells, “Clear” switches):

Price includes PayPal fees and 2nd Day FEDEX shipping (insured and signature required, verified addresses only).

Not looking for trades (though I’ll consider them if you’re both local and have something audio related that’s really interesting/rare). Must have appropriate presence here and/or trader feedback on Head-Fi, SBAF, Audiogon, USAM etc.


Price reduced to $1,495.

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These are beautiful. If I had the cash I’d bite you’re hand off. GLWS.

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I made a final price-reduction on these, to $1,395.

I’m actually surprised they haven’t sold already, since they’re more neutral and flexible than the current EE flagship options, and they’re the last of the units with ADEL (which I find to be a huge benefit for longer sessions) or with the switchable cross-overs.

It’s a shame EE stopped offering re-shelling services, as I’d have these converted to custom in a heartbeat if they did. You have to look towards things like the 64 Audio U18t/A18t for this level of performance and type of tuning today (which is probably what I’ll do).