SOLD Focal Stellia

Price: 1700
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

It’s time to let my Stellia go. It’s in excellent condition and sounds and looks fantastic. It’s a mid 2020 build and comes with a Headphonelounge pure silver balanced XLR cable. The cable is really nice. It’s mechanically very easy to deal with, looks great and sounds great. I’m the second owner. There is no staining and very little wear on the headband. The pads are in excellent condition as well. I don’t have the original packaging or cables so keep that in mind if it bothers you. It only comes with the silver cable and an aftermarket carry case. I’m not sure of the brand of the case but it is nice and is in great condition. I will package everything very carefully for shipping.

Buyer pays shipping. Adds 3% for paypal G&S.



PM sent with interest, thanks.

The Stellias are amazing! Thanks for a quick smooth transaction and for being a great seller, @rustyrat!

Awesome! Really glad you like them! I think they are great as well but had a few more things on my list to try before settling on a long term stable. I may well come back to them at some point. Enjoy! That cable is really nice too isnt it?

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