SOLD: Four (4) EI 6BQ5 / EL84 Tubes

Price: 90
Currency: USD
Ships to: US

I have two pairs of these tubes - one pair was never used, and the second pair was used literally for about an hour (if that). Bought them for an amp I auditioned and did not keep.

Further detail on the tubes can be found here: Ei 6BQ5 / EL84 – Upscale Audio - I bought these from this vendor and each pair has been balanced by the vendor.

I’ll take PayPal and will charge just $15 for shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

I’m new to selling in this community but a long-time seller on eBay with a spotless record -

Please take from me these damning reminders of impulsive purchases (including the tubes themselves)…

Any questions, just message me.