SOLD FS: 6SN7 Tubes for Freya+, Lyr 3, Saga+, and others

Hi Everyone,

I gave Brent Jesse a $300 budget for a quartet of tubes when I had a Freya+ on back order, but I ended up with a Kenzi instead. I never even opened these tubes. Brent suggested military RCA made VT-231 type 6SN7GT for gain stage, and the short bottle Ken Rad early 1950s type 6SN7GTA with the side mounted getter for the output stage.

Again, unused and matched by one of the most reputable sources for tubes.

$284 for the tubes, I’ll pay for shipping. Venmo is fine, or a check from established member also fine. Happy to ship after the chaos of the holidays if you prefer.

Happy listening.


Nice. Are the RCA VT231s in grey glass or clear? Did he say if there’s a difference? I have the grey glass and they are excellent.

Note that these tubes can also be used as the power tubes for LTA MZ3 and MZ2. You might want to indicate 6SN7 in the title.

Good luck with sale.

Thanks for the advise, I changed the title. Give me a few and I’ll send pictures of the RCA tubes.

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Here’s what Brent’s website says:

New Old Stock original box & white box. Very fine sounding, very rare blackplates from the 1940s, made for US military. These are the very desirable VT-231 type with the grey glass, and all are military stock, originally parts for radar equipment. These rival the RCA 5692 redbase in quality, and are just as scarce. Carefully matched internally and from tube to tube. All VT-231 RCA grey glass stock, some labeled for the US Navy.

Both mine look like this

This is a quality tube, but I’m not in a position to buy at the moment. GLWS.

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Thanks again for the heads up on this distinction. I am tempted to keep them for a Lyr 3 one day but I’m already up to 4 headphone amps since I started this friggin’ hobby


You bet. 4 HP amps is par for the course in some parts jk!

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I would gladly get those tubes off our hand if they are still available.

I am fairly new here but I have been on Head-fi, and Audiomart and eBay forever,

I can pay with PayPal immediately.




Congrats to the seller and buyer! And me for not having to decide whether to pull the trigger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: