SOLD: FS: Meze Empyrean

Price: $2300
Currency: USD through paypal
Ships to: CONUS

Included are the Meze Empyrean’s w/ Travel case, both leather and Alcantara pads, stock Empyrean 1/4" cable.
I bought these in June of 19’ and have been my daily driver. They are in Mint cosmetic and working condition.

I recently purchased LCD-4’s and have decided to sell the Empyrean. Here are pictures showing the headphones (item not included in sale is the Norne SIlvergarde S3 cable)



I am too poor to dream about owning them (even used). Just wondering:
Any particular reason for selling them?


Just preference more than anything. They are extremely fun and I enjoyed my time with them. TOTL in comfort and extremely detailed bass. Just wanting something a bit more detailed with a more balanced FR, but still have that planar slam. So for my personal preference I picked up LCD-4’s. Can’t justify having both.


Are these still available?

They are, with all the covid 19 stuff I stopped pushing as hard to sell them until after. If you’re interested though I’m sure we can figure something out. My one concern is that delivery services have stopped providing signature required deliveries.

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Post to Australia at all?

I might change my mind in the future if I have trouble selling these ( I’ve only posted to here so far). But for now I am limiting it to contental US only.

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Hey Joshua,

Would you be interested in trades + cash? I am selling a JH Audio Layla Universal (Siren Series - Carbon Fiber) in a very good condition.

Let me know if you have interest.


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Hey John,

Thanks for the offer but unfortunately not very interested in trades. There are only a couple of trades i would really consider and thats towards an Abyss 1266 or towards a Formula S amp

Not a problem Joshua! Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate it.

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Are these still for sale by chance?

They are still available. However I am still debating holding out until signature required deliveries are available again to protect both buyer and seller.

Hello, are these still available?

FYI Signatures deliveries are still being used, at least in my area, Fedex had me sign and usps signed for me once they saw I was in possession


Hello, sorry for the delay. Been swamped with work lately. These are still available.

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They are being used again in my area as well. Back when I was questioning selling these all deliveries including signature required were just being left on door steps in my area. Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Hi, are these still available?

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There is currently a pending sale on these. I will let you know if anything changes.

These have now been sold.

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