Sold Fs: power cables

Price: 50
Currency: us
Ships to: us
Over the top, very heavy power cables, too heavy for me. Almost giving them away. Yes probably snake oil but I’m selling them cheap. Yes, you can probably buy from China at almost the same cost. Yes, you can buy hospital grade from monoprice for almost the same price. Did i cover all rants and private emails people will send me about these cables? Three sizes, six, three and two feet. Now rant away… includes shipping for those cheap people out there.


IEC to edison? Must be at least 20 characters

No clue what iec to edison means.

Sold must be 20 characters.

Yea, the kids at work gave me that annoying website that Google’s that for you also. Forgot to mention that these cables let you hear unicorn farts in your music but too bad, they’re sold now. Nobody but paisley will hear the golden unicorn farts.

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