SOLD.....FS: Schiit Ragnarok 2 (Kenzie sold)

Hey Everyone,

I just ordered a Kenzie Ovation from Justin, so impressed am I with this Kenzie. Now I want the tube goodness sent to my speakers too….so it’s already time to let this one go.

I bought the Kenzie recently from @Earmuffs. It is in great shape. It is 32/600 ohm. I do not know the age of it, but it works perfectly. I’ll sell it with two full sets of unused NOS tubes, which if you do not know, are really inexpensive relatively speaking. This is a profoundly great sounding amp IMO. $1900 new. I will include a $450 ampsandsound Black Box RCA to RCA input transformer which is built into the Ovation so I will no longer need it. Read more here: Black Box RCA to RCA Stereo Single Ended with Input Transformers - ampsandsound Comes with original box and will be packaged very well. Will sell for $1725 delivered in US insured, FedEx home delivery.

Since I’ll be driving my speakers from the Ovation, I need to sell my Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 also. This is a silver “fully loaded” version with multi-bit DAC. I bought this B stock from Schiit in November this year. If you have never heard one, it is a killer amp for both speakers and headphones. It really drove my ZMFs very well, with lots of power and spacious imaging. I think the DAC in it is also fantastic for a built in DAC. The Rag2 has balanced and SE in and out, so you can go out to another headphone amp and a subwoofer, or output to two head amps, in addition to the killer head amp built in. I bought this for my two channel set up but ended up really impressed at the power and sound of the headphone amp. Schiit sells this version for $1800. It will also ship with the original box and I can include receipt to buyer or aid in any warranty work if necessary. Will sell for $1550 delivered in US insured, FedEx home delivery.

I see no blemishes at all with either unit, please message me any questions or if you want pictures. Payment method can be as agreed with established members here.

Happy listening.


Giving this a bump before I resort to eBay.


Kenzie is sold!

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