SOLD: HD58X Jubilee + Liquid Spark + Grace SDAC - $250

Price: $250
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

These are now SOLD!

This combination represents some of the best-value components, all with excellent performance, in the entire hobby - in my opinion. And they have lovely synergy together.

They’re all in like-new condition, including their original packaging, and work perfectly.

I’m only selling these items as a set, as it is too much hassle (and overhead) for such inexpensive units to sell and ship them individually and still offer them at usefully less than new pricing.

Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.

Must be an active member here, or have trade feedback somewhere relevant.


Looks reasonable for an office setup. Has it sold yet?

No, it’s still available. I’ll mark it as sold when that changes.

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Mark it sold please
How should I continue? PayPal would work for me. Are you in the USA?

Smoke and cologne free is a must. No tolerance for such. Sorry for the afterthought

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Not a problem … they’re smoke and cologne free (don’t care for either) and there are no kids or pets here.

These are literally like they were just taken out of the box, beyond having some burn-in time on them and a few hours listening to the headphones post burn-in to see how they sounded. They were only bought for review/comparison - not to actually be used.


That’s awesome I’ve always wanted to check out the liquid spark.

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Just to be clear:

  1. These are still available.

  2. This statement was not made for the fun of it:


SOLD: No longer available!


Thanks so much, my first desktop setup.


Damn it, now I’m hungry!

I figured it out! LOL You’ve been to my web site. Yummy for sure!

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Gear has landed! In perfect condition and sounds above what I expected, way above!
Thanks Torq


Glad it all arrived safely and that you’re happy with it!