Sold:: Hifiman Arya

(The Arya’s) Not getting much ear time these days. Looking to sell this to “invest” in another headphone. In perfect working condition and (non-smoker) adult owned.

Purchased June 2020

Asking Price: reduced to $1200. This will cover shipping.
Currency: USD (PayPal)
Ships to: US

Shipping costs will include full insurance, signature required, no exceptions.

Item is sold as is, no warranty expressed or implied, no returns, all sales final.


Hi. I mean no disrespect. Let’s me say that up front.
If you’re not getting enough headphone time why would you maybe trade for (what was it Z…?) and at the bottom write:”no trades".
Is it you might use headphones more if they weren’t Ayra’s?
Sorry. I’m retired and can’t not ask.

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Ah. I should have been more clear and maybe less lazy here. The Arya’s are not getting enough ear time because I spend all my available listening time with my ZMF Verite Closed. I think I enjoy dynamic headphones more. The “no trades” is from me copying and pasting from another post. Fair questions.


Thank you for the clarification. It’s very much appreciated.

Thanks John,

I appreciate your reply.


reducing price to $1300. again this covers shipping and insurance.

Alright, final price drop to $1200. Otherwise, I’ll just keep it as I’m not in any hurry to sell. thx